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The Birmingham Dog Show Society Limited

The Management Committee of the Birmingham Dog Show Society has taken steps to incorporate the Society into a not-for profit Company to keep pace with the requirements of the modern business world.

Commenting on the incorporation, Eric Smethurst, Chairman of the Society said: "Being an incorporated Society will offer greater transparency of the Society's affairs to exhibitors as well as helping us to organise our own management team in a more efficient way.

"In terms of the running of the show, there will be no difference. The needs of exhibitors being as always and before, the paramount concern of the Management Committee.

"However, to enable the annual show to be put on effectively in the current economic and uncertain climate there is more going on in the background nowadays that requires a Championship Dog Show to be structured as a modern business organisation. To this end, our legal and financial advisors recommended that we incorporate as a limited company by guarantee - retaining all the original objectives and standards of running the 'National' as one of the premier Championship shows in the country.

"The company will be a non-profit making body, as has been the case in the past, surpluses (if any) will be ploughed back into the annual show".

The Society will now be called The Birmingham Dog Show Society Limited and all the assets and liabilities of the old Society have been transferred to the new company.