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Collie photo competition lightens F & M gloom

The foot and Mouth outbreak saw many societies having to cancel or re-schedule their shows, meaning that many exhibitors were left without a doggy event to look forward to. However the Rough and Smooth Collie Training Association came up with the ideal alternative - a photographic competition.

With a number of different classes to choose from, entrants could send in plenty of different snaps. The judges were Don and Pat Hutchinson and pictured here are two of the class winners. Class 6 - Favourite Oldie - was won by Charlotte Yeo, and of the photograph shown above the judges said: "A beautifully focused and composed colour study of a shaded sable rough standing on a seashore at dusk. Unanimous decision as not only had the photographer captured the essence of the dog, but the background had carefully considered providing depth and great richness of colour. A most striking shot."

Class 7 - Rough or Smooth Collie with any animal friend, was won by Moir Evans, whose entry is shown left; the judges' verdict: "Colour photo of a s/w Smooth Collie with a rich coloured black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, sitting side by side in a dining room. Unanimous decision again as the subjects are captured in such an alert pose, well focused and centrally positioned in the frame."

If any other clubs or societies found different ways of keeping people interested during the F & M crisis please let OUR DOGS know!