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Obituary - Mrs Heath Booth

A founder member of Midland Counties Poodle Club and until her death on Monday 12th November and a Life Member and Vice President of the club. She made up several silver champions in the late 1950/1960s; under the prefix Gypsyheath she also owned blue miniatures and was always a great campaigner for these colours. Unfortunately she then developed an allergy and to her great sorrow had to cease owning and exhibiting her beloved dogs.

Always a forthright character, in fact I once said to her that as a new committee member of the Midland Counties Poodle Club she put the fear of God into me, to which she replied looking to the skies who me so demurely. A wonderful person who did not suffer fools lightly. She was devoted to her husband Alan, who for many years until his death was Chairman of the Club. To her son Patrick and daughter Caroline and family we offer our sincere condolences. A service of Thanksgiving is to be held at Claverley Church on Friday November 28th at 2-30 p.m.

Catherine Lawton-Anderson

IT WAS with great sorrow that we heard of the demise of Heath Booth on Monday the 12th November. A founder member of Bridgnorth and District Canine Society along with her late husband Alan. They were staunch committee members and Heath was honoured in 1981 with the position of President, an office which she retained.

Poodles were her great love and under her affix of Gypsyheath many silvers were campaigned to their titles. An allergy prevented her from continuing with breeding and exhibiting but nothing daunted this determined lady and she continued judging and her committee work. To these people Committee meant being committed. Despite suffering a stroke, which left her paralysed down one side, we soon saw Heath back at shows and meetings charging about on her scooter.

To many she appeared formidable, a nursing sister of the old brigade, but she was always supportive and the two of them had such humour and great sense of fun being involved in the village community, the Church and Village hall.

Soon after relocating to their daughter's Alan also suffered a stroke, this was a devastating blow for Heath, she had relied upon his strength but her training took over and Alan's recovery was rigorously supervised. Unfortunately with both suffering from strokes they were forced to enter a nursing home but were able to be together and to visit on a regular basis their daughter's where they continued to be in the centre of family life.

A fortnight ago we paid one of our visits and received the usual warm welcome. A very active mind Heath was agog for all the news of the canine world. Her daughter's dogs were her companions, her cat and through the window she could see the exercising of the horses another of her loves.

We have lost not just a friend but a guide and councillor, but will always retain the fund of happy and humourous memories.

Edward and Shirley Ellis-Jones
Secretary and Treasurer of Bridgnorth and DCS