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Twenty-five years in the breed

Mrs Paddy Holbrook O'Hara

In 1954 Paddy registered her affix Appleacre with the Kennel Club when she started breeding Miniature Poodles, whilst she also owned Labradors and Cocker Spaniels. Owing to the demands of a young family she was unable to exhibit except at a few local shows, combined with a small amount of canine committee work.

Her last Poodle died about twenty seven years ago, following which paddy went into dalmatians, began to exhibit regularly and has been a member of the North of England Dalmatian Club ever since.

She imported two Portuguese water Dogs from Sally Starte around 1984, the first in this country since the mid fifties. paddy is a member of that club and has judged at its open show in 1988.

Paddy has owned Bichon Frisé since 1976 and received her first judging appointment for the breed at an open show in 1979. This year she judged the breed at Crufts and awarded best of breed to Holgate's Clanmarret Uncle Fester.

She is a founder member of the Northern and Midland Bichon Frisé Club and was acting secretary and then secretary of the club from its acceptance by the Kennel Club in 1982 until this year. Paddy is also a founding member and member of the Bichon Frisé Club of Great Britain and a member of the Southern Bichon Frisé Breeders Association.

For twenty-five years Paddy served on the committee of Chester City and County CS and was Vice Chairman for some ten years. Both the Northern & Midland Club and Chester City have made her honorary Vice-President