SuperPup 2001
sponsored by Purina Proplan

The Venerable Bede church in Bramley, Leeds was the destination of dog enthusiasts from far and wide on the evening of Saturday 20th October. Nominated by their respective clubs to compete for the title of ‘Rabart SuperPup 2001’, entrants travelled from all directions, including Scotland, Cleveland, Nottingham, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Lancashire and all corners of Yorkshire.

It always sounds a bit glib to say there was a warm welcome, but on this occasion there really was. The hosts, Pudsey and District Ring Craft Club, have created an event capable of attracting top quality, serious competitors whilst maintaining a sociable, sporting atmosphere throughout.

No pretentious nonsense here to mar the proceedings, just strong competition all in good spirit. The emphasis is on having a good night out amongst genuine dog folk, plus a pint or two with some good wholesome food in the bargain.

The ‘losers’ seemed to enjoy the evening every bit as much as the ‘winners’.

Not one to ‘stand on ceremony’ Peter Broadbent was refreshingly different in his role as Master of Ceremonies. Once he had finished organising the traffic outside, Peter’s comedic abilities were put to good use, his wry sense of humour and ready wit propelling the event along in a most entertaining fashion.

Jubilant supporters from Harrogate and DCS join the judge to congratulate the winning partnership.
Pictured in the foreground with Rabart SuperPup 2001 is co-owner Betty McClark. Betty was not able to handle during the competition due to an injury, but fellow co-owner Joe Ashwood, pictured directly behind Betty,
stepped in with a first class performance.


This year’s judge Ann White had travelled with husband Nick from Eire at their own expense to ‘do the honours’ for SuperPup, with hospitality kindly provided by Noel and Ann Quinn who attended as special guests, along with old friends of the club Maurice and Lorraine Webb.

The competition more or less follows the traditional ‘Match Meeting’ format. Exhibits are judged in pairs, but the winner of each match is not declared until all pairs have been seen.

In the first match; A and J Lister’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch Delveswood Swing til Dawn swung it for Northern Counties Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club over Mrs SL Griffiths’ Gordon Setter bitch Lourdace Border Line who represented North Riding Gundog Club.

Runner-up to Rabart SuperPup 2001, the Field Spaniel Risekar Rose Allure owned by D Smith and K Nelson
pictured with, left to right:- Barry Medforth of Rabart, Nick White the judges husband; Ann Quinn,
special guest; Ann White the judge; Noel Quinn, special guest and John Holden of Our Dogs.

Match 2; Mr and Mrs R Robinson’s Labrador dog Kamsall Kindred Spirit representing Three Ridings Labrador Club beat Mr R Bratton’s Bull Terrier bitch Pertyck Real Lady representing Pudsey and District Ring Craft Club.

Match 3; Miss S Roberts’ and Mrs P Wright’s Lhasa Apso bitch Marbledale Ebony ‘n’ Ivory with Larool representing North of England Lhasa Apso Club won against Mr and Mrs G and M Thorpe’s Bearded Collie dog Merrythorpe Mulberry who represented Hull and East Riding Canine Society.

Match 4; Mr and Mrs S Holmes’ Siberian Husky bitch Suraliam Charmed representing Wath and West Melton DCS used her charm to get the decision over Mrs S Lee’s Pug bitch Todomas New Look nominated by Stocksbridge and DCS.

Match 5; D Smith and K Nelson’s Field Spaniel bitch Risekar Rose Allure blossomed for the Field Spaniel Society beating E Ellwood and A Harper’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi bitch Ellhars Una Bambina.

Tension mounts.

Match 6; R and W Wheatman’s Shetland Sheepdog bitch Wendisle Whisper in Dreams got ‘the shout’ for Yorkshire Shetland Sheepdog Club and went through against Mr S and Mrs IM Clayforth’s German Wirehaired Pointer bitch Shadowmere Lady Liln representing Huddersfield and DCS.

Match 7; Mrs A Forsyth’s Miniature Poodle bitch Nach Musik Mit Ribbleholme was on song beating Mr W Goudie’s Australian Shepherd Dog Ozzypools Red Hogan representing the Australian Shepherd Dog Club of the UK.

Match 8; Mr and Mrs BD Clark and Mr J Ashwood’s Tibetan Terrier bitch Araki Maggie May Via Shanshu hit all the right notes for Harrogate and DCS playing the winning hand against Mr and Mrs WD Anderson’s English Setter dog Jack of Diamonds at Saffander representing the Northern English Setter Society.

The judge, pictured with a relaxed looking Pudsey Ring Craft committee, many of whom are usually too busy working behind the scenes and are apparently camera shy. We coaxed them out of the kitchens and from behind their brooms, once the event had ended, and told them there was no film in the camera anyway – got you.

Match 9; A and IF Hilton’s Havanese dog Sheneva Dreamed a Dream got the cigar for Newton Aycliffe and DCS over Mrs MJ Cook’s Boxer dog Bucksteps Pal Joey for Emjaycee representing Beverley and DCS.

Match 10; Mr Anthony’s Pointer dog Jilony Jack Be Quick had the game ‘in the bag’ for Mansfield and DCS against Mr and Mrs K and LA Goodwin’s Shetland Sheepdog Highbrook Hi Tech, a dog, representing Nidderdale Agricultural Society.

Match 11; Mr A Ainsworth’s Boxer bitch Gypendale Diamond Decorum at Parthane successfully defended her corner on behalf of the Northern Boxer Club over Mr G Backhouse’s Bull Terrier bitch Ishaba Strike A Light.

Rabart SuperPup 2001, the Tibetan Terrier Araki Maggie May Via Shanshu handled by Mr Joe Ashwood
who co-owns her with Mr and Mrs BD McClark. Making the presentation are, left to right:- Barry Medforth of
Rabart Fine Art, Christine Cooper Secretary of Pudsey Ring Craft, John Holden Advertisement Manager of Our Dogs,
Ann White the judge, and Bernard Child the President of Pudsey Ring Craft.

Match 12; Mr and Mrs GT Spurrier’s Bearded Collie bitch Geliland Visionary saw victory on behalf of the North of England Bearded Collie Club over K and SP Holroyd’s Griffon Bruxellois bitch Doneata Royal Elegance for Ballroyd representing the Lakeland Terrier Society.

Match 13; Mr C and Mrs J Kay’s Dalmatian bitch Kaytian Kats Broomstick swept to victory for Birdwell Ringcraft over Mrs J Briggs’ German Spitz Mittel Pennypot Magic nominated by West Riding Ringcraft Society.

Rabart SuperPup Plate Winner 2001, the Bearded Collie Merrythorpe Mulberry owned by Mr and Mrs G and M Thorpe
pictured here with, from left to right:- Barry Medforth of Rabart; Pudsey’s President Bernard Child;
Ann White the judge; Melinda Broadbent of Pudsey Ring Craft, and John Holden of Our Dogs.

The thirteen winners were announced and duly paraded around the ring to a huge applause from the whole audience and shrieks of joy from their fellow club members, eager to show support.

Judge Ann White took centre stage again, first of all narrowing them down to six in number: pulling out Kay’s Dalmatian Kaytian Kats Broomstick, then Ainsworth’s Boxer Gypendale Diamond Decorum at Parthane, followed by Anthony’s Pointer Jilony Jack Be Quick, Hilton’s Havanese Sheneva Dreamed the Dream, McClark and Ashwood’s Tibetan Terrier Araki Maggie May Via Shanshu, and finally Smith and Nelson’s Field Spaniel Risekar Rose Allure.

The reverberations caused by the thunderous applause as the Tibetan Spaniel was declared Rabart SuperPup 2001, with the Field Spaniel Runner-up, nearly set the church bells ringing.

Just as much enthusiasm was exerted in cheering on the remaining thirteen entrants.

It’s in the breeding – Peter Broadbent and family can turn their hands to any aspect of dog event organisation
… program production, catering, Master of Ceremonies … you name it, they’ve done it. From left to right:
Peter’s sister May Boon; Peter’s wife Anita; daughter Melinda; Master of Ceremonies Extraordinaire
Peter Broadbent and mother-in-law Joyce Lowthorpe.

All those who lost out in the first round came back to compete for the ‘Rabart SuperPup Plate’ with Ann White selecting five for further consideration, namely Thorpe’s Bearded Collie Merrythorpe Mulberry, Briggs’ German Spitz Mittel Pennypot Magic, Forsyth’s Miniature Poodle Nach Musik Mit Ribbleholme, Anderson’s English Setter Jack of Diamonds at Saffander, and Griffith’s Gordon Setter Lourdace Border Line. The Bearded Collie made the most of this second chance to take one of the top spots and became this year’s ‘plate winner’.


Generous sponsorship means that all the exhibitors have something to take home with them. Barry Medforth’s Rabart Fine Art continued as main sponsor providing quality prizes for the winners to commemorate a memorable success. A Rabart plate was presented to the judge, depicting her own breed the Glen of Imaal Terrier.

Making the presentation to the judge in appreciation of her efforts are, from left to right:- John Holden, Our Dogs Advertisement Manager; Christine Cooper, Secretary of Pudsey & District Ring Craft; Melinda Broadbent of Pudsey & District Ring Craft; Main Sponsor Barry Medforth of Rabart Fine Art and the judge, Ann White.

Our Dogs was pleased to play a role in the sponsorship once more, which included our famous ‘Goody Bags’ for the entrants.

Ralston Purina’s involvement, for the first year at this event, saw many delighted exhibitors carrying home huge bags of premium quality Pro Plan dog food, and the extended coverage you are reading now is also courtesy of their generous sponsorship.

There are no losers at an event such as this because win or not everyone has, at the very least, a good night out courtesy of the hard working organisers.

The team behind Pudsey & District Ring Craft Club are not willing to let the proverbial ‘grass grow beneath their feet’. Not content with ring craft classes at this same excellent venue every Wednesday, they organise The Golden Oldie Competition.

The veterans will be in the spotlight 20th April, 2002, so make a diary note – if SuperPup is anything to go by, it should be a great evening!

Who will it be? Supporters ponder.

Other dates to note are 19th December, 2001 for the Christmas Match & Quiz and 9th January, 2002 for Progeny of the Year, Veteran of the Year, and Dog of the Year.

If you would like to attend any of these events or wish to know more about the regular classes contact the secretary Christine Cooper on 0113 257 8358 or Ringcraft Co-ordinator Peter Broadbent on 0113 239 4510.

The sun never sets on Pudsey and District Ring Craft Club!


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