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TV Greyhound Racing exposé

THE NUMBER two spectator sport in the United Kingdom, Greyhound Racing, comes under scrutiny in a BBC programme due to be screened at 8.30pm - 9pm on thursday, December 6 on BBC1, writes Terry Thorn.

The programme is expected to be potentially devastating and according to the BBC the hard hitting presentation by Paul Kenyon was made "to confront the crooks behind one of the most popular spectator sports in Britain".

The British Greyhound Racing Board has confirmed that the sport should prepare for the worst, stating that it faces trails by television in what could be the most potentially damaging programme ever.

Race fixing

It is thought that Kenyon will confront two retired trainers who have, in the past, committed crimes against the sport and have witness reports from their ex-employees. The use of drugs and cases of cruelty are involved.

The BBC has indicated that the broadcast will involve race fixing at one of the nation's top tracks. Drugs being sold in a car park at a northern track. A mass grave that sheds light on what happens to Greyhounds after they 'retire' from racing.

The NGRC has stated that it would like to have access to the evidence, but the BBC policy is not to release advance footage of any investigative programme. This makes things very difficult for the NGRC as there are several alleged rumours about other tracks and trainers involved.