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updated 5/10/01
Court rules barking dog to be destroyed

A SCOTTISH District Court has ruled that a West Highland White Terrier must be destroyed after a formal complaint about the dog's alleged barking and howling.

Westie Sam was marched off by an Aberdeen dog warden and two police officers last week as owner William Shaw, 56, launched an appeal against the destruction order.

The complaint was made by 84 year old Mhari Hay who said her life had been 'blighted' by the dog's constant barking.

Sam had also been the subject of a Civil Court Order issued in 1996 and Mr Shaw now faces several statutory fines for failing to comply by preventing the noise and nuisance.

The Aberdeen District Court's decision has upset Mrs Hay who was reported to be horrified at the court directive.

The appeal is expected to be heard in the High Court in Edinburgh; meanwhile Sam is in custody in Local Authority Kennels in Aberdeen.