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updated 5/10/01
In recognition of America's heroic hounds

IN AN effort to help the people and dogs affected by the recent World Trade Centre tragedy, Kennel Club staff both at Clarges Street and Aylesbury have been busy collecting much needed funds, which will be donated to the American Kennel Club to compliment their current Companion Animal Recovery Disaster Relief Fund.

The figure raised by staff for this very worthwhile cause is fast approaching the 1000 mark and all staff have been moved by both the bravery and compassion shown by 'man's best friend' in the rescue efforts. So it was decided to do something positive to assist these heroic hounds and their handlers.

Said Rosemary Smart of the Kennel Club, "We have been made aware of so many heroic tales regarding the search and rescue dogs at Ground Zero and also learnt of individual acts of bravery, like the Guide Dog Roselle, who led her owner and a group of visiting clients 78 floors to safety through choking dust and fumes. In light of these dogs' actions, we really wanted to give them the recognition that they so rightfully deserve."

Rosemary continued, "the generosity of staff has been truly fantastic and it is now our intention to give these canine heroes our financial assistance, to actively assist the dogs and owners that have suffered because of this tragedy."

The Kennel Club Press Office continues to monitor media reports regarding the dogs in New York and perhaps the following quote from a policeman at the site of the collapsed World Trade Centre sums up just how remarkable dogs can be, when called upon to assist humans in need:

"They are extraordinary creatures. They are working as hard as anyone on the site and at the day's end you can see they are totally exhausted. But you can bet they'll be back 12 hours later, raring to go again".

As reported last week in the canine press, the American Kennel Club has established a disaster relief fund to be used in a variety of ways for dog-related assistance, both for search and rescue dogs and to aid animals that have lost their owners. The public can send money (no cash) to the AKC / AKC CAR Disaster Relief Fund, Fund Administrator, Thomas Murphy, Chief Financial Officer, American Kennel Club, 260 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Alternatively, payments can be sent to Phil Buckley, c/o the Kennel Club Press Office, 1 - 5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, WIJ 8AB, who will ensure that payments reach the AKC.