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updated 8/10/01
ISA is a sound investment

WHEN HEARING Dogs for Deaf People selected Isa, a chocolate-coloured mongrel, from Derby's dog warden to train to alert a deaf person to everyday sounds, they assumed they would be gaining one potential hearing dog. As it turns out, they have gained eight!

When she was picked up off the street as a stray, she was in season, but there was no indication at that stage that she was pregnant. It was not until after the Charity had placed her with one of their socialisers that it became clear they would be getting slightly more than they bargained for. She came back into the Charity's training centre to be whelped and gave birth to seven very healthy puppies, four boys and three girls.

Isa is proving to be a very good mum, and the puppies will stay with her until they are six weeks old when they will be assessed as to their suitability for training as hearing dogs. Hopefully they will all progress on to the socialising stage, but should any of them not be suitable for further training, the Charity will have no trouble in finding them loving homes, as there is a waiting list for dogs for rehoming.

Isa will also continue her socialising, as she has the perfect temperament to be a hearing dog. She is a very friendly, responsive dog with lots of potential and should have no trouble in being matched with a deaf recipient and becoming their invaluable companion.

So it just goes to show, an Isa can indeed be a sound investment!