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updated 5/10/01
KC launches initiative to promote canine activities

THE KENNEL Club has published a discussion paper to be considered by The KCLC Breed Council and Show Councils, the Show Executive Committee and the Working Trials, Obedience and Agility Sub-committee that has two objectives. The first is designed to encourage existing exhibitors to attend Open shows: the second to encourage new participants in canine events.

The suggestions that are to be put to the Councils and Committees to encourage existing exhibitors to attend more open shows include a requirement that no dog could become a Champion unless it had attended at least five Open shows and the introduction of a new award only available at all breed Open shows.

The ideas suggested to encourage new exhibitors include a flyer to be sent out to all new owners who register a puppy with a dedicated call centre for those expressing interest, K C attendance at selected shows, special classes for Companion Club registered dogs where novice exhibitors could receive advice and the removal of the regulation that bans registered societies running exemption dogs shows. More special events would be encouraged and further consideration is being given to allowing 'entry on the day' at appropriate shows.

Each suggestion has a short summary attached that explains the thinking behind the idea.