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updated 5/10/01
The Promotion of Canine Activities

For discussion by:
KCLC Breeds Council
KCLC Shows Council
Show Executive Committee
Working Trials, Obedience and Agility Sub-committee

The Kennel Club is concerned at the dwindling interest in participation in canine activities amongst existing and potential competitors/exhibitors. Consequently, a Working Party has been set up to examine the trend and to devise ways to promote canine activities.

The Working Party has made a number of proposals, which the above Councils and Sub-Committees are invited to consider. Feedback and further views and ideas will then be referred back to the Working Party for discussion.

A. To encourage existing exhibitors to attend Open Shows

1. Proposed amendment of the Champion Regulations, so that dogs are required to attend at least five Open Shows before they can be declared a Champion/Show Champion.

This would improve the quality of dogs being entered for Open Shows and contribute to the training of judges by affording them the opportunity of judging superior dogs. This proposal was favoured in place of putting an entry qualifier on Championship Shows, as it was considered that this would have a detrimental effect on entries, particularly in the lower classes.

2. Proposed introduction of a new award only available all Breed Open Shows, i.e. an Open Show Certificate of Merit.

Following on from this, it is suggested that a special variety stakes class could be scheduled at General Championship shows, open only to those dogs which have qualified for such an award. This could be sponsored and substantial prize money could be offered.

B. To encourage new participants in canine events

1. Kennel Club Information: It is proposed that a flyer is included in Kennel Club correspondence re. registrations, transfers etc., giving a brief outline of the potential canine activities open to new owners (showing, obedience, agility, working trials, field trails etc.) The flyer would advise those interested to contact the Kennel Club call centre for more information.

A script would be written for use by call centre staff to guide enquires further ie. ringcraft and training clubs etc. specialist publications.

Details on the above would be posted on the Internet.

2. Introduction to Dog Showing: The Kennel Club would select six Open Shows in a particular region and target new owners by inviting them to attend, having identified them through transfer records. Staff on the Kennel Club stand at the shows would be on hand to advise on all aspects of participation in canine events. The Kennel Club's presence at these shows would be advertised in local press.

At these selected shows an information pack would be made available. It is also recommended that representatives of the KC Liaison Councils and Sub-Committees should be encouraged to attend to give their support, encouragement and experience.

A special class for Companion Dog Club registered dogs (ie. first time exhibitors) could be scheduled at Open Shows. It is envisaged that carefully selected judges and stewards for these classes could advise novice exhibitors on all aspects of showing their dogs. The winners of these classes would attend a grand final at Discover Dogs.

3. Initiatives for Registered Societies: It is proposed that registered societies should be permitted to hold Exemption Dog Shows, with a percentage of the profits going to charity. also, Special Events for breed clubs and general canine societies would be encouraged.

Further consideration could be given to allowing entries on the day at appropriate shows.