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updated 8/10/01
UK Dog Handlers Association

International Team Match
2001 - Structure

We are constantly trying to fine tune and improve the fairness of the systems governing the Team Match and are always open to suggestions and advice. In the year 2001 we are again trying the new system of team selection at the suggestion of some of previous years competitors. It should prove interesting and perhaps be more fun.

1. Junior competitors compete individually in the U 15years or the 15-20yrs age groups.

2. Senior competitors compete in the Youth [21~40yrs] or Adult [+40yrs] age Groups.

3. Teams will be constructed on the day by each competitor drawing their number from the appropriate age group box on arrival.

4. Teams will be split in to Pools, as in previous events, with each Team meeting every other Team in that Pool and meeting each of the six Judges an equal number of times [as number bonds allow].

5. The top Teams from each Pool will make up the four Final Teams competing on Sunday [4 Teams in each age group].

6. The highest scoring Individuals from each Pool will go forward to the final on Sunday [12 competitors from each age group].

7. Prizes will be awarded to Novice Teams [those not reaching a final], Channel Island & Overseas Teams according to their scores ~ any run offs will be held on Sunday.

8. For the first time anyone not reaching either a Team or Individual Final will compete on the Sunday in the Novice Individuals Competition.

9. Sponsorship towards the European Tour to the Eurodogshow will be awarded to the Top Three Individuals in each age group.

10. Prizes will be awarded to Winning Teams in each age group.

NB - This year for the first time, everyone who has entered will get a chance to compete on the Sunday. The Novice finals will have a separate judge to the rest of the competition.