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updated 12/10/01
Breed Club show results

English Ibizan Hound Club Ch show
The show results for Saturday October 6th 2001: DCC Paran Chasing Shadows to Charnealis. Owned by Miss T.Stoneham. RDCC: Once Cuanomas. Owned by Mrs M.A.Cockwell.: BCC: Ch. Chahala Ivy's Ruby: Owned by Miss J.Startup. RBCC: Paran Solar Corona of Babylonia. Owned by Mr S. and Mrs R. Benstead: Best In Show: Ch. Chahala Ivy's (subject to Kennel club approval).

Shih Tzu Club Ch show
JUDGES: Mrs Brenda Banbury (Dogs); Mrs A Pickburn (Bitches): DCC - Franks' Ch Hashanah Hotshot: BCC & BIS - Woodbridges' Bowchild Siew Fu: BPIS - Young & Paradise's Weatsom Cool Brittania At Sonoltay.

Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Ch show
The major results from the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Club CH Show on Sat 6 Oct were: DCC + BIS Wilding's Bendale That's My Boy JW: RDCC Hale's Snowmead Statesman at Damalek: BCC + RBIS Lewis' Potterdale Platinum: RBCC Harkin's Claudalla Polly Toddle: BPIS Waldron's Snowmead Sans Faute:

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