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updated 12/10/01
Cat saved after 18 days in rubble

NEW YORK: A CAT has been found alive after 18 days without food in an apartment that was virtually destroyed when the nearby World Trade Centre collapsed, following the terrorist attack on September 11th.

The Persian cat, named Precious, miraculously suffered only minor injuries to her eyes and sustained minor burns to her paws. She lost two pounds during her time in the wreckage of the apartment, but a vet believes she may have survived by drinking rainwater, which seeped into the apartment.


Precious's owner, DJ Kerr and her husband Steve, have a loft apartment opposite where the twin towers stood. They were out of town when the terrorist struck and were prevented from returning to the area now known as 'Ground Zero' by police, due to the danger of further building collapses.

The couple had given up their pet for dead until it was heard crying on the roof of the building. Rescue workers moved in and used a Search and Rescue dog to corner the cat and then brought it down to safety and an emotional reunion with DJ and Steve.

DJ said: "Her little paws are burnt on the bottom, because the building was so hot, but she's going to live. We are just so happy; I haven't the words to describe how we feel. It's a miracle."