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updated 12/10/01
Changes of judge

Otley Canine Society Otley
Canine Society announces a change of judge for the following breeds: Border Collies are now to be judged by T E Carlton (Wearstroll); GSD, Pem Corgi, AV Pastoral, Alaskan Malamute & AV Working to be judged by Jack Marshall (Stancilla); Newfoundlands will now be judged by J G Goldwell (Zentaur).

King Charles Spaniels will now be judged by Mr N Brown subject to Kennel Club approval.

Midland Counties
Show Exhibitors are advised of a change of Judge at the forthcoming Midland Counties, Stafford event on 25-28th October 2001. Mr R Vuorinen will now be judging, replacing Mrs E Tan. Newfoundlands, Pharaoh, Otterhounds and AV Hound and Terrier (subject to Kennel club approval). Also (subject to KC approval) Min Pins will now be judged by Mr M Hutchings and they will be in the ring at approximately 2pm which is a change to the original schedule.

Romsey & DCS
Open show to be held on October 23rd. Unfortunately Mrs Baddeley will be unable to fulfill her judging appointment at the above show. American Cockers; Flat Coated Retrievers; and AV Gundog will now be judged by Mr Vic Coles (Stajantor); and Labrador Retrievers by Mr Brian Burrows (Carambe).