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updated 12/10/01
Symposium first of its kind

A SPECIAL event in the Japanese Spitz calendar is to be held next weekend on Sunday October 21st - The Japanese Spitz Symposium - and is the first of its kind to be held in the breed. A full and comprehensive look at this delightful small dog, the day will be full and varied.

The latest computer graphics techniques along with live dogs and bitches as well as a look at literally dozens of champions in the breed will be enhanced by explanations of the breeds history and origins as well as how it fits into the spitz family as a whole. We shall have the pleasure of the company of Mr. Mike Stockman MRCVS and Mr. Malcolm Hart as two of our speakers as well as hearing from experts within the breed. Combined with a chance to have hands-on on a one-to-one basis with dogs and owners the day will, we hope do very well for the breed and give a great opportunity for delegates to get closer to the Japanese Spitz. Combined with a full Sunday lunch and refreshments it is also great value at only 12 per ticket. The presentation begins at 10.00am preceded by welcome coffee and the venue is situated at Menston near Leeds.

The whole event is staged by the Northern Japanese Spitz Club (proposed) and we can just about fit you in if you call Mary Fallas (Secretary) quickly on 0113 288 6180. As Director and co-ordinator I am hoping all goes well for an exciting and entertaining day.
Gerald Mitchell