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updated 12/10/01
Westie waits

SAM, The West Highland White Terrier who was condemned to death by an Aberdeen court, due to his constant barking, was hoping for a reprieve on Tuesday the 9th of October.

He was due to appear at 9.30 am at the Bail Court in Edinburgh's High Court. It was hoped that Westie 'Sam' would be given bail whilst waiting for the appeal against his sentence to be heard at a later date. However, presiding judge Lord Marnock refused to hear the petition, and passed the case back to Aberdeen Magistrates court. No date has yet been fixed for the appeal, and in the meantime Sam is languishing in a local kennels, and separated from his beloved owner Mr William Shaw. In the meantime Mr Shaw was been inundated with cards from sympathisers and well wishers, a great many of whom have offered Sam a new home should his appeal eventually succeed. Many cards have also been sent directly to Sam in his imprisonment, and are now decorating the walls of his kennel.

The 84 year old neighbour who brought the case against Sam initially, is said to be heartbroken by the harsh sentence handed down to Sam, and is alleged to have said that she had had no intention of things coming to such a pass.

Local MSP Nicol Stephen, was quoted in a newscast as saying that he was astonished that such a case could reach the High Courts of Justice and become an International media event.

We are told that amongst the many messages of comfort and support received by Mr Shaw, was one from the famous film star Bridget Bardot.

Many have expressed the hope that MP's, and others in positions of power in the land will at last realise the enormous number of votes that lie in the hands of British dog owners and animal lovers, and start treating animal cases with a little more compassion and sensitivity.