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updated 19/10/01
New Vice-patron for national charity

EVERYBODY KNOWS Peter Purves from his Blue Peter days, but he is now very active in the work of the charity Dogs for the Disabled. The charity is delighted that he has accepted a role as Vice- patron.

Peter became the fifth presenter for the long-running (42 years) children's show in 1967, when he joined the 'dream team' Valerie Singleton and John Noakes - probably the most famous team ever. Their most enduring exploit was that elephant and as Peter says, "It made me laugh then and it still makes me laugh today!"

Peter has three dogs - two Pekingese and a Newfoundland - and knows first hand the value of dogs in the household.

Dogs for the Disabled is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire in new purpose-built accommodation that Peter visits from his home in Suffolk on a very regular basis. His support, at a time when the charity is growing at a vast pace, is truly appreciated. The charity provides and trains dogs as partners for disabled people to help with daily chores such as retrieving and carrying objects, for example cordless phones, and with dressing and shopping - as well the psychological support that is so necessary in improving confidence and independence.

Peter Gorbing, Chief Executive of charity says, "Peter's dedication has added so much to charity that we are delighted he has accepted the role of Vice-patron. Blue Peter did, and still does, so much to raise awareness of the role of dogs and assistance dogs in particular that I am delighted that Peter wishes to become more closely involved with us as a charity.

"Dogs for the Disabled has trained more than 200 partnerships. We need to train and match many more in years to come. There are literally thousands of people with disabilities who could benefit from a partnership with a dog to help increase confidence and live life to the full".

There are groups all round the country with a full and lively programme of fundraising events and activities. Fundraising packs are available for individuals by phone 08700 776600.