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updated 19/10/01
Top Dogs at TopJobs, the Warrington-based management, professional, technical and graduate recruitment website, today opened its doors to canine recruits, as part of national 'Bring your Dog to Work Day'. The day also helped raise money for the Blue Cross, the animal welfare charity who organised the event.

Louise Stanton, an Internal Account Manager at TopJobs, brought her dogs into the recruitment website's office for the special event. Both Tommy the Greyhound and Monty, a Labrador and Spaniel cross, have rescue tales.

Tommy, also known as 'Nightshift Tiger', retired from his life as a flat and hurdle racer to the Retired Greyhound Trust. Unfortunately, he had a damaged back and it was difficult to find a home for him. However, before being put down, he was rescued by Louise's family.

Five-year old Monty was involved in a car accident when he was only one, leaving him with a damaged leg, a fractured skull and missing teeth.

Louise says, "In spite of all that he's been through, Monty is still a cheeky chappie, who causes chaos wherever he goes. Greyhounds make excellent pets - Tommy is extremely loveable and very laid back. Both dogs have enjoyed their day in the TopJobs office and have been a great help in raising money for the Blue Cross."

'Bring your Dog to Work Day' was organised by the Blue Cross, after research showed that dogs are not only fun, but can also benefit people's health. Bringing dogs into the workplace can help raise awareness of stress-related illnesses.