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updated 19/10/01
Uniting in aid of Animal Welfare

Delegates gathered at the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster on Friday to take part in the annual Association of British Dogs' and Cats' Homes conference.

Actress and animal rights supporter Jenny Seagrove opened the day's events and praised the aims of the ABDCH in bringing together 26 national charities in pursuit of the ethical treatment of companion animals.

Described as inspirational rather than practical, the aim of the day was to address a wide range of issues relating to the field of animal welfare, including those relevant to practitioners working outside but associated with the animal welfare industry, such as local authorities and the veterinary profession. It was hoped that attendees would "...leave feeling empowered and enabled."

This was certainly the case right from the outset on Friday, as Robin Sieger delivered his highly amusing and inspirational session entitled, "Self-Belief in Achievement". In his wake followed Mike Radford with an insightful and thought-provoking view of how legislation affects the animal welfare environment. Two veterinary perspectives ensued, with Professor Bob Michell discussing the role of vets as an indigenous part of animal welfare, and Professor Sir Colin Spedding examining the emotive subject, "Ethical Management and Treatment of Companion Animals".

However, no one was free to leave before Bernard Ross had bombarded them with a "hands-on" demonstration of "Resource Management", which involved naming as many species of bird as possible!

The day was judged to be a success and delegates left feeling empowered indeed - not least by the amount of individuals who turned up to make a difference to the way in which companion animals are treated in today's society.