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updated 26/10/01
Colgan case: judgment is reserved

IN THE case brought by Mrs Phyllis Colgan (Karazan) against the Kennel Club in the High Court last week in which she said a KC rule A43 ban affected her livelihood, the judge Mr Justice Cooke reserved judgement after the three day hearing. An outcome is expected next week.

Earlier Mr James Goudie for Mrs Colgan said that no reason had been given for the KC suspension whereas in Crown Court cases reasons are given to know whether there can be a viable appeal,

'This was a sentance that was manifestly wrong', said Mr Goudie.

'The primary relief sought is the overturning of the disqualification. Damage should be only considered if the five year ban [imposed in 1999] is reduced to a shorter term than has already been served', he continued.

Referring to the Kennel Club's QC Mr Tugendhat's comments about other 'sports' he said that the same principle applies to the Kennel Club, the Jockey Club, the Boxing Board of Control and the Football Association.

'If you dismiss a manager where he is on a five year contract at 1million per year you to pay - it helps to get the decision right.

OUR DOGS will be covering the outcome of the hearing as soon as the judgment is announced.