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updated 26/10/01
Germany follows UK lead in the Domino Campaign

Following the foundation of 'DOMINO' - a Kennel Club led campaign that has raised public awareness regarding the plight of dogs currently being persecuted around the world by breed specific legislation - UK dog lovers will be pleased to hear that DominoDogsDeutschland (DDD) has now been formed.

The name DOMINO refers to the Domino Effect - the way that anti-dog legislation appears to be sweeping the globe, having a knock on effect from country to country, dog to dog.

German citizens, appalled by their country's current anti-dog attitudes and stringent canine legislation, are in the process of building a membership database and have asked the UK founder members to assist them with their Campaign.

Said Harald Wiegand, Chairman of DDD, "We are in the process of printing brochures, flyers, membership application forms and posters and DOMINO have kindly given us permission to use their logos and leaflets. We are planning to encourage dog loving people in other European countries to follow the UK example and found their own 'DominoDog' associations."

Caroline Kisko, Secretary of the Kennel Club concluded, "Domino is delighted to be of assistance to German dog owners and we would certainly be prepared to give guidance to other countries. A worldwide DOMINO network of people, all working towards the same aims and campaigning on behalf of the dog will be a force to be reckoned with, ensuring that anti-dog legislation continues to be closely monitored and protested against strongly."

The breed specific legislation introduced in Germany via national and regional Government came about as a result of a media and Government-inspired campaign against 'dangerous dogs' following the tragic death of a six year-old boy, Volkan Kaja, who was mauled to death by an American Pit Bull terrier and an American Stafford in a playground in Hamburg in June 2000.

The pit bull was a trained fighting dog and was already the subject of a control order due to it having bitten another person some weeks earlier. The dog's owner, the son of a Turkish immigrant named Ibrahim K, was a convicted drug dealer, and was well known to police. The police failed to act in curtailing his activities, despite the protests and complaints from many citizens in the area of Hamburg where the owner operated.

Both dogs were shot dead at the scene by police officers and the media hate campaign began in earnest.

Ibrahim K was jailed in December 2000.