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updated 26/10/01
Santa adds pets to the Xmas list

Armitage Pet Care is doing its bit to prove that Britain truly is a nation of animal lovers by ensuring that our furry friends get something to open with the rest of the family on Christmas morning.

Cats, dogs, hamsters and rabbits are all to be at the receiving end this Christmas with a variety of specially packaged festive treats. Stockings with your pets favourite goodies, tree hangers, toys and even a Christmas cake baked especially for dogs are all set to make an appearance under the tree.

It's known that some very pampered pooches at Buckingham Palace have had their Christmas wish come true with a little thanks from Armitage Pet Care's Good Boy treats range. With the Rotastak, Good Girl and Good Boy Christmas gifts available at all major supermarkets and pet stores everyone in your household can get something they really want this festive season.

Commenting on the Armitage Pet Care Christmas range, Product Manager, Catherine Clarke said: "Our pets have become an additional member of the family for whom we buy Christmas gifts. We have introduced to our range of existing favourites some new fun pressies for pets, including the Party Pup pack and hamster and rabbit party tubes."