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updated 26/10/01
'Wafer' is crowned the Scruffiest Dog of the Year

Photo by Dawn Branigan photography

In a nationwide search Britain's Scruffiest dog of the year has been found in Grendon, Northants. Wafer of Main Road, Grendon, proved a big hit with the judges after her owner, Caroline Bannard, entered her for the Vitapet Scruffiest Dog of the Year Award.

Rescued at five months old from an uncertain future with a pack hound, Wafer grew from a beautiful pup into the scruffiest mutt you have ever seen.

"Wafer gives her love unconditionally and is a regular visitor at a hospital for people with severe learning and physical difficulties as P.A.T Dog" says caroline.

"Wafer often comes home a different colour, full of twigs, buds and other countryside collectibles. This is always accompanied with a strong smell of pond which she loves to share with you with a cuddle and a lick.

"After thirty minutes brushing all it takes is a Wafer shake and the scruffy look is back in!" Caroline added.

Entrants were asked to send a photograph of their pet with 200 words explaining why their dog should be awarded Vitapet Scruffiest Dog of the Year to competition organisers Seven Seas & Animal Health Care.

Caroline and Wafer have won a framed certificate, 200 worth of holiday vouchers and a years supply of Vitapet Moult & Coat Conditioner. hopefully this will help Wafer to be as pristine as ever.