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(Updated 7/9/01)

WELKS loses 35,000 after cancellation

AT A recent meeting, the committee of the West of England Ladies Kennel Society was made aware of the costs incurred in the cancellation of this year's Championship Show.

With large sums paid out to the venue provider and tentage contractor and advertising, printing and postage that had been expended, plus the expense to return all the entry fees etc., that had been received, the Society faces a loss of some 35,500.

This will seriously deplete the reserves built up over many years as a result of the prudent management of finances by the Officers and Committee, both past and present.

It is obvious to the WELKS that recent comments in the canine press regarding "large reserves" being held by societies are inappropriate. Our experience in 2001 proves that a substantial reserve is a necessary safeguard, not only to cover cancellation costs, but also in order that the forward payments for the subsequent show can be made. Some of these are in fact due six months prior to the actual show and long before any income is received.

The society is concerned as to the effect the many cancellations in 2001 will have on contractors quotations for 2002.

All entry fees were returned/ refunded in full by the end of March. We are surprised that at this time there are still a considerable number of cheques to be presented for payment and perhaps we are correct in assuming that those exhibitors are making a donation to the Society, in which case the WELKS committee is very grateful.

Chairman Miss M.S. Churchill; Secretary Mrs S.L. Jakeman; Treasurer Mr I.B. Hampton