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Updated 14/9/01

KC sends a team to the World
Agility Championships in Portugal

The Kennel Club will be sending a team to Portugal in October to compete in this year's World Agility Championships. This is a historic moment for the UK as it will be the first time ever that we have been able to send a team.

It is also a significant milestone for the Kennel Club, as the first ever Agility competition was held at Crufts in 1978. Since that time the sport of dog agility has developed in the UK and has since been exported and grown throughout the world. At last year's world championships 25 countries took part, with teams from Europe, Russia, South Africa, the USA, Brazil and Japan all competing.

Team manager Steve Croxford said, "I and other UK handlers have been able to compete at similar events in the past but have had always to borrow dogs from local competitors to do so. This was all right until we started beating them with their own dogs, so it didn't last very long! Because of the introduction of the Pet Passport scheme we will be able to take our own dogs. All of the team are very excited because at last the UK is going to be able to test their dogs and handling skills against the very best in world dog agility."

Strong representation

Steve continued; "Four competitions in all are held over two days, in two height classifications, one for small dogs (minis) and one for standard sized dogs. A team and individual event are held in both categories and we will be entering dogs for all events."

"Team selection took place in qualifying for the Crufts competitions this year, so we have a very strong representation in each category."

"I have been working on the logistics of getting a team of nine dogs and handlers to and from Portugal which, as you can imagine, has not been straightforward. The GB Airlines and the Airline Management Group have been particularly helpful."

The Kennel Club is sponsoring the team through the Kennel Club Healthcare Plan.

The World Agility Championships take place in Porto, Portugal, on 6th & 7th October 2001. Team members are:

Small dogs Chris Smith, with Teasel (Border T.); Nicola Williams, with Ozzie (Min. Poodle); Mary Ann Nester, with Brillo (Min. Poodle); Richard Wagner, with George (CKCS)

Standard dogs Lynn Ward, with Flicka (BC); Greg Derrett, with Fern (BC); Jo Rhodes, with Kelbie (BC); Terry Insull, with Madge (BC); Nicola Garrett, with Mac (BC).