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updated 21/9/01

Found at Richmond

THE FOLLOWING items were handed in to the Secretary's Office at Richmond 2001.
All enquiries should be made to Mr Adrian Perry-Coxall:
telephone 020 8647 1787,

Blue Riband' hood nylon jacket (small) in blue/navy/purple. Green quilted sleeveless nylon jacket. House key. Gold knot-style earring for pierced ears without back. Dog brush (bristle/metal combination). Clear diamante tennis bracelet. Grey canvas should bag containing dog equipment. Small green towel with gold initials. Small chrome flask (RAC) Pair ladies glasses (brown metal frame and brown beaded chain).

The following items have been reported as lost at Richmond 2001. If anyone knows the whereabouts of these items please contact Mr Adrian Perry-Coxall (details above).

National Trust canvas bag containing purse, credit cards, house key and cash. Gold Yorkie ring clip. Gold Sussex Spaniel ring clip. Black leather show lead.