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updated 21/9/01

New home needed for Brave Izzy

A CRIPPLED Terrier cross named Izzy is seeking a new home with an owner who can help him overcome a crippling disability which emerged during his time in quarantine.

Izzy was owned by a nurse who immigrated to the UK from America and, in accordance with the law, the three year-old dog was placed in quarantine kennels in the North of England for the statutory six-month period.

Izzy, pictured with his small wheeled mobility cart.

Whilst in quarantine the condition developed which left him paralysed from the waist down. An operation was performed on the dog which inserted a special disc into his spinal column. The operation was partially successful, which allowed Izzy to regain some nerve connections in his lower body. Izzy can now wag his tail and can walk well in water, which can support his weight. The rest of the time, he uses a small wheeled cart for mobility.

Five months into his quarantine period and following his operation, Izzy's owner realised, due to work commitments that she would not have the time to look after Izzy properly, with his increased special needs. Lauren Cole, a Dog Behavioural Therapist was alerted to Izzy's plight by her friend Karen Barnes, who works at the quarantine kennels.

Lauren, 24, from Bolton has taken Izzy on in her own home, but has three dogs of her own and cannot look after him in the long-term.

"Izzy is a wonderful little dog," says Lauren. "He copes with his disability extremely well. He has a weak bowel, due to his accident, so he wears nappies, but he is a very clean dog despite this.

"Basically, he needs an owner who can devote the extra time to his needs. He's had excellent veterinary treatment, but now he needs more of the holistic side of things, such as regular hydrotherapy, which is doing him the power of good, and possibly acupuncture.

"He is very good with other pets and children. I think he'd ideally be suited to a newly retired couple who have plenty of time. I will provide free training for Izzy. I'm sure he'd make someone a great pet, despite his disability, which he copes with very well."

If YOU can offer Izzy a new home, please contact Lauren or Karen.

Lauren Cole may be contacted on: 0161 737 6947 or 07811 962409.
Karen Barnes may be contacted on: 07950 660575.
Nick Mays