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updated 24/9/01

PRO Dogs Silver Jubilee Appeal

PRO DOGS is a charity for which I have both great affection and respect and this year it celebrates its 25th birthday.

Since 1976 it has been very active on many fronts, ie campaigning against the anti-dog lobby for the rights of dogs and owners; it has successfully overturned bans on dogs in parks in both London and Edinburgh and was instrumental in the banning of electrocution as a means of euthanasia for stray dogs. It has also fought strongly against the misuse of the Dangerous Dogs Act in the UK. PRO Dogs also opposes the eviction of tenants who own well-behaved dogs from private housing and housing associations. We strongly defend the rights of all responsible owners.

To highlight its next 25 years, PRO Dogs is initiating at least one study by a leading university to show some of the advantages that dogs bring to the entire community - not only their owners! But, to fund these studies, PRO Dogs does need your help. Please will you donate whatever you can afford to our silver jubilee appeal? This launch is very important, and it is the very first time we have asked for outside help.

If you would like to contribute, please send your cheque to PRO Dogs (Silver Jubilee Appeal) at 4 New Road, Ditton, Kent ME20 6AD, or, for more information, phone Mike Findlay or Angela Jakes on 01732 848499.
Katie Boyle