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updated 21/9/01

Miss Eileen Crawford

From the Committee of Border Union AS:

MISS EILEEN CRAWFORD'S funeral took place on 14th September at Melrose Parish Church and she was buried in Wairds Cemetery just outside Melrose, under the lovely Eildon Hills of which she was very fond.

Eileen was the ex Secretary and Treasurer of Border Union Agricultural Society (Canine Section), having joined the Committee in early 1980. She took over as Treasurer in 1982 and then as Secretary in 1984, combining both positions very efficiently until 1993 when she resigned as Secretary on health grounds. She continued as Treasurer until February last year, when she resigned but remained on the Committee.

Eileen was well known in Golden Retrievers for a number of years before deciding to get involved with the Tibetan Spaniels that she came to love so much She also helped at SKC shows as part of the Show Team and was a Life Member of the Kennel Club as well as a member of the Scottish Kennel Club.

A great many people from the world of dogs paid their last respects at her funeral with people from many breeds and organisations represented.

Eileen will be greatly missed by her many friends and colleagues, especially at Border Union "Close of Entries", where, as Treasurer, she could often be heard "questioning the accuracy of our mathematics". We on the Border Union committee will miss her presence and the great contribution she always made to the show that was so close to her heart.

Mrs MAB Young, Patron of the Tibetan Spaniel Club of Scotland, writes:

Eileen Crawford was a lady of many interests, wide knowledge, true integrity and great generosity. My husband and I first found a common interest in agriculture then dogs with her and her late friend and travelling companion Mrs Margaret Hunter, and many hours were spent at the ringside putting both worlds to rights.

The Tibetan Spaniel Club of Scotland gained a member who proved to be a power of strength. She was duly elected as my Vice Chairman and brought a wealth of experience to the administration of the club. In due course she became Chairman and I was delighted to hand over the reins to such an able incumbent. Sadly in early 2000 she felt her eyesight was deteriorating, she had difficulty reading and more importantly driving, so we had to accept her resignation. Her backing and support continued as she agreed to stay as a committee member and remained so.

So talented an administrator will be difficult to replace and I know many other clubs will be mourning her loss as sincerely as we of the Tibby Fraternity, but we give thanks to have been associated with such an outstanding LADY.

Mrs F Main MBE Chairman of the Tibetan Spaniel Club of Scotland writes:

I first knew Eileen Crawford as the Secretary of Border Union Ch Show, but more recently as a valued and committed member of the Tibetan Spaniel Club of Scotland. She was a breed rescue co-ordinator, Trophy Steward, Vice Chairman and Chairman a position I succeeded to some 18 months ago.

However it is as the owner of a 'Gang' of Tibetan Spaniels to whom she was mum that I will remember Eileen best. Her original and three subsequent 'boys' all came from the Wildhern Kennel of the late Linda Micklethwait and we were privileged to be allowed to use Wildhern Winters Lion at Aelnova to produce a litter of six puppies from which Eileen chose a dog puppy. Eileen only kept dogs, and always sables, so it was fortunate that there were two sables and two Parti colour to choose from.

She might have been tempted by a Parti Colour but here mother was adamant that it had to be a sable so Niam Orfeo of Aelnova joined the others. At the time the Lion King was the popular film and the pet name of Simba was chosen by the younger members of Eileen's family. It was no surprise that prior to her death Eileen made sure that her beloved dogs would be cared for and stay together in their own home. Thus no doubt they like we will miss their "Mum" for some time to come.

Jane Gregory Secretary Tibetan Spaniel Club of Scotland writes:

The whole of the club join me in expressing our great sadness in the loss of a lovely lady whom we will miss terribly for her hard work and commitment to our club. We in the world of dogs could do with more like her, who give so much and ask very little back in return.