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Contest of Champion Show Dogs
25th Anniversary
6 April 2002

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The Contestants

1) Chihuahua Long Coat Ch Bramerita Naughty But Nice owned by Mr & Mrs Hornby
2) Parson Russell Terrier Ch Howlbeck Lzzi-Rita for Jagen owned by Ms Rock & Mr Frice
3) Coton De Tulear Rhapsodie in White de L'Echo des Elingues owned by Mrs Gill
4) Bichon Frise Ch Clanmarnet Uncle Fester owned by Mr & Mrs Holgate
5) Affenpinscher Ch Tonsarne l Claudius owned by Mrs Teasdale
6) Chinese Crested. Ch Lemiz Fantine owned by Mr & Mrs Rowtree
7) Finnish Spitz Ch Toveri Armaani owned by Mrs Dalley
8) Japanese Shiba Inu. Ch Kerrilands Total Style owned by Mr & Mrs Cowlance
9) Tibetan Terrier Ch Nefertari Black Ty'n Tails of Willowbrae owned by Mrs & Miss Johnson
10) German Spitz Mittel Ncsregor Ellans Vallin owned by Mr & Mrs Rogerson
11) German Spitz Klein Ch Teredak Irish Cream at Delgray owned by Mrs Grayer
12) Italian Greyhound Ch Salatini Poeme owned by Miss Hunter
13) Dachshund Wirehaired Ch Lankelly Black Bryony owned by Miss Poulter
14) Havanese Paloma de Chaponay of Tammylan owned by Mrs Ridley
15) Manchester Terrier Ch Galchris Princess Leia at Calot owned by Miss Stubbington
16) Lancashire Heeler Ch Foxthyme Material Girl owned by Mr & Mrs Russell
17) Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Ch Afterglow Woodywoodpecker owned by Mr Robertson
18) Pekingese Ch Sachiko Golden Peace. owned by Mrs Hughes.
19) Cocker Spaniel Sh Ch Jozeelah Classic Moods. owned by Mr & MrsRobinson.
20) Japanese Chin Ch Homerbrent Mare Na owned by Mrs Coaker
21) Basset Fauve De Bretagne Baronfore Jacque owned by Mr & Mrs Flood
22) Nova Scotia Duck Talling Retriever Int/Ir Sh Ch Winfren Vulpaqula Cadian owned by Mrs Russell
23) Finnish Lapphund Sulyka Mischa at Elbereth owned by Mrs Jackson
24) Siberian Husky Ch/Am Ch Innisfree's State your Case owned by Mr & Mrs Holmes
25) Pointer Sh Ch Calderside Love in a Mist at Wherathy owned by Miss Ecmondson
26) Dalmatian Ch Buffrey Arrabelle at Daedalus owned by Mr & Mrs Petersen
27) Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Debucher Le Earbu owned by Mrs Phillips
28) Basset Hound Ch Barrenger Gulliver Travels owned by Mrs Conner
29) Australian Shepherd Dog Am Ch Thornapple Climate Controlled owned by Mr & Mrs Holligan
30) Hungarian Puli Ch Barronoaks The Court Jester owned by Mrs Webb
31) English Setter Sh Ch Quensha Romance At Midnight owned by Mrs Morgan & Mr Bott
32) Keeshond Ch Stratus Midnight Legend owned by Mrs Lythgoe
33) Ibizan Hound Ch Chahala Ivy's Ruby owned by Ms Startup
34) Bearded Collie Ch Moonhill Dces it in Style owned by Mrs White
35) Miniature Schnauzer Ch Wellingley What about it owned by Mrs Longdin
36) Border Collie Sh Ch Madeleys Step In Time owned by Mr & Mrs Griffiths
37) Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla Silvanus Prince Albert owned by Mr & Mrs Holman
38) Chow Chow Ch Kyong Kyushu Klementine owned by Miss Squires
39) Belguim Shepherd Tervueren Ch Corsini La Eoheme owned by Mrs Oaten & Miss Beale
40) Flat Coat Retriever Ch Windyhollows Nelly Moser owned by Mr & Mrs & Miss Colson
41) Dobermann Ch Chancepixies Monopolist owned by Mr Anderson & Mrs Frost
42) Golden Retriever Sh Ch Tamarley Heavens Hero in Liroaks owned by Mr & Mrs Crang
43) German Shorthaired Pointer Sh Ch Hillanhi Martha owned by Mrs Bates
44) Cannan Dog The Lion of Judah at Anacan owned by Mrs Minto
45) Bulldog Ch Rowendale Rum Truffle with Bollglade
46) Basset Fauve De Bretagne Baronfore Jacque. owned by Mr & Mrs Flood.
47) To be confirmed
48) To be confirmed
49) Old English Sheepdog Ch Zottles You Don’t Fool Me owned by Mrs Bailey.
50) Pharaoh Hound ch Ankors Behutet owned by Miss Parker, Mr Stevens & Mr Bongiovanni.
51) To be confirmed
52) Alaskan Malamaute Hawkam’s Action Annie at Chayo. owned by Mrs Ellis.
53) Leonberger Nabilah Nerastla Von Welland The Stormchaser owned by Mrs Hodge
54) Estrela Mountain Dog Wentcourt Mopars Golder Boy owned by Mr & Mrs Yeoman
55) Akita Ch Keskai Best Of British owned by Mr & Mrs Sadler
56) Grand Bleu de Gascogne Tallowcross Izzersecret at kantilou owned by Mr & Mrs Parker
57) Russian Black Terrier Robroyd Broshka at Fernwood owned by Mr & Mrs Smith
58) Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch Imbali Kiperizi owned by Mr & Mrs Craigie
59) Rottweiler Ch Fantasa Emerald Intruder owned by Mr & Mrs Mackenzie
60) Bernese Mountain Dog Ch Hillbank Danny Boy owned by Mrs Titchmarsh
61) Newfoundland Ch Watervalley Marvin Gaye of Merrybear owned by Messrs Cutts & Galvin
62) Irish Wolfhound Ch Ainsea The Dilomat owned by Mrs Malley
63) Pyrenean Mountain Dog Ch Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy owned by Mrs Edwards
64) Neapolitan Mastiff Grimoire Firecracker of Janineo owned by Mr & Mrs Walker-Brooks

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