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Get set for Southern Counties!

Schedules for Southern Counties Show are now available and the full classification and entry form appears in this week's issue. You can also access an entry form from the Internet at

Free entry to the show and free car parking for exhibitors is again a feature of Southern Counties. Dates this year are: Saturday June 1st, (Gundogs and Utility), Sunday June 2nd, (Working and Pastoral) and Monday June 3rd, (Hounds, Terriers and Toys) to be held at The Showground, Ifield Wood, Crawley in Sussex.

The days on which the groups are held are carefully worked out to give a numerical balance to the groups and to ensure that the small breeds have the advantage of the shortest grass and the smoothest surface.

Where breeds are scheduled without CCs, the Association has contacted breed clubs in each breed to ensure that the judge has the breed's support.

There are a couple of glitches in the schedule. The groups as listed above are correct and, if you find that a bitch class is missing where a dog class is listed the appropriate bitch class is scheduled. Use the number of the previous class and add the suffix (a). So if the Graduate Cavalier King Charles Spaniel class is omitted the class number is 1782a.

Entries close on Thursday 18th April and as usual, the Association's contains all the information required to enter and includes a championship show entry form (although, of course any entry form may be used). Location of the site, judging times and a map of the showground will be sent to all exhibitors with their passes. Exhibitors are asked to write their breed/s on the front of the envelope in which they enclose their entry. You do not need the class number - just right in the abbreviated class name i.e.: LB for Limit Bitch
Southern Counties has had a policy of service to the exhibitor for many years. Part of that policy is to keep the closing of entries as close to the show as possible (the closing date was moved forward one week in 2002 and a further three days this year) and to make entering as simple as possible. It is suggested that if you need a schedule then applications should be made immediately enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope. It is important to write 'schedule' on the outside of your envelope so that schedule applications can be extracted from entries and processed quickly.

There has been no increase in entry fees: £18.50 for the first entry and £2.50 for all subsequent entries with the same dog. Breeds without CCs on offer remain at the 1995 level: £12.00 for the first entry and £2.50 for each subsequent entry. Fees may be paid by credit card but please make sure that all the card details are clear - especially if sending by fax. Entries will simply be returned to exhibitors if the fee is not accepted.


Car parking is free for exhibitors and, as usual, members of the Association will have priority car parking and their own entrance. There is no charge for entry to the show. All spectators get in free, but of course entry and exit passes are essential for all dogs passing through the entrances. Benches for un-entered dogs are available at the entrance to the show. This service is organised by Debbie Ralph of Rottweiler Rescue and donations to the charity will be appreciated. There will be a separate car park for visitors and spectators who are not exhibiting so that the exhibitors can get as close to the show ground entrance as possible.

There will be a car park charge of £5.00 for visitors and spectators so it is absolutely essential that all exhibitors arriving by car display their car park pass.

Southern Counties will operate a catalogue voucher system again this year. Some catalogues may be available at the show but they will be priced at £5.00 compared to £3.50 with your entry.

The Our Dogs Caravan Club has made arrangements for a caravan site to be available very close to the showground. Details are available from Sue Welch on 01293 871204
Southern Counties offers exhibitors the opportunity to enter the Pedigree Chum Champions and Veteran Stakes, the Beta/Dog World Pup of the Year Competition, KCJO Stakes and PRO-Dogs stakes (if you are entering the PRO-Dogs stakes you must be a member of PRO-Dogs. The Association is also hosting the new Breeders Stakes classes. Entry is £2.50 for each breeder's team entered.

Schedules, if required, are obtainable from the Secretary, Mrs Angela Cavill, Langham House, Ham Common, Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey TW10 7JB. Telephone 020 8940 2372; Fax 020 8940 7711; e-mail (If you are telephoning for a schedule and the answer phone is on please just say 'Schedule' then give your name and address slowly and clearly, spelling any difficult words. WE do not need to now the name of the show or the group or breeds you are entering.