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Bertie Cyclone Sweetheart of
Copyhold CDex UDex
3-5-91 – 27-2-02

Photo by Tracy Morgan
Bertie with the trophy given annually by the breed agility club for the most successful mini dog. She won it for five consecutive years.

BERTIE, the extraordinary Staffordshire Bull Terrier, died after being ill for a thankfully short time. She had lived a very busy life working as she did in agility, obedience and working trials as well as doing her PAT Dog visits.

Just last year she has taken on the job of visiting the local psychiatric hospital where she was extremely popular. She had taken part in obedience and agility demonstrations at all sorts of events, was an extra in ‘101 Dalmatians’ and appeared briefly on television. She did a terrific job of promoting Staffords as controllable dogs at a time when there was so much anti dog feeling. Last September, she won the Stafford Pentathlon and at our agility club’s Christmas competition came second in the veteran class.

Bertie lived life to the full. Tim and I miss her but are so proud of all her achievements and so lucky to have had such a wonderful dog in our lives.