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Mrs Dorothy Gurney (Daralls)

It is with deep sadness I write of the death of Dorothy C Gurney (“Darralls”) on February 28th very suddenly in hospital.

At the time of her death she was the president of the Manchu Shih Tzu Society and had been, in the past, secretary for many years.

Dorothy bred, owned and judged at ch show level Afghans and Shih Tzu and had made up champions in both breeds, also she judged Affenpinschers, Tibetan Mastiffs, Chinese Crested and Silky Terriers, at championship shows without CCs. She also judged a number of times overseas, particularly in Scandinavia and Germany and I know she enjoyed her judging trips to Eire.

Prior to owning dogs, she and her husband Stan, bred and showed silver tabby cats. They made up at least one champion, Dorstan Darrall, hence the Darralls affix.

Dorothy had many other interests apart from her beloved dogs. She was keen on classical music, particularly opera, she collected porcelain - mostly of oriental dogs. She was a ‘book worm’ and had a collection of doggie books and paintings mostly of Shih Tzu and Afghans.
She enjoyed writing and was author of a book on Shih Tzu.

She was something of a perfectionist, out spoken and forthright and did not suffer fools gladly! Nevertheless when one got to know her well - and I had that privilege - she was warm hearted, had a great sense of humour, and a sharp wit.

She will be sadly missed, deep sympathy goes to her sister, Mrs Kathleen Hopkins and family.

Eileen Wilson