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Exciting news for open shows!

To promote increased awareness, interest and involvement in the vast UK
mainland network of General and Group Open Shows, we believe are so vital to
our sport, Hills Pet Nutrition and OUR DOGS have combined to create a
major new competition – the OPEN SHOW LEAGUE.

OUR DOGS readers will, as never before, be able to chart the progress
of winning exhibits, with added interest, as the dog showing year unfolds.

Updated results (top 20+) will be published in OUR DOGS newspaper on
a fortnightly basis and the full league table will be displayed on this website
– regularly updated as the results come in from show organisers.

>> click here to view the current leaders

The League will run annually 1st January - 31st December, inclusive.

Points to be awarded as follows:-

General Open Shows incorporating all groups
BIS 10 points
RBIS 7 points
BPIS 5 points

Single/Double Group Shows
BIS 5 points
RBIS 3 points
BPIS 2 points

The Overall Winner
will be the highest scoring exhibit at the end of the year.

An award will also be made to
the highest scoring exhibit in each group.

Further details of the awards and presentations to be announced at a later date.

In the event of a tie, the number of exhibits at the shows concerned will
be taken into account to achieve a clear leader where possible.

Please note that wins recorded at Breed Shows, Sub Group Shows and all Championship Shows are excluded from this particular competition.

Only BIS, RBIS and BPIS at OPEN SHOWS that cater for at least one group are included, whether or not they are judged on the group system.

Important notice to show organisers
Show organisers are asked to supply, at their earliest convenience, full
written details of BIS, RBIS and BPIS ie for each of the three awards we
require:- 1. Name of dog. 2. Breed. 3. Name and address of owner.
Please also confirm the total number of exhibits at the show, as this
information may be required in the event of a tie-break situation.

The co-operation of show organisers is greatly appreciated and the
details supplied will be entered onto our website together with the date of
the show and society name to give your event additional publicity.

Results compiled by Adam Williams at OUR DOGS.
Telephone 0161 236 2660 Fax 0161 236 2539

>> click here to view the current leaders