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Mrs Madeleine Pickup (Druidswood)

It is with deep regret I announce the passing of Mrs Madeleine Pickup of the Druidswood affix. Madeleine passed on after a short illness and stay in Warminster Hospital on Tuesday 9th April 2002 at 11 am. She was 91.

Madeleine a Championship Show judge, was privileged to have judged in many countries world wide Also having contact with Police Dog sections in many countries. An active member of the LKA since 1962, assisting with their catering at many of their shows. To attend one of Madeleine's dinner parties was to really a treat.

Her affix Druidswood was taken out in 1965, here were bred many dogs which appear in many of today's pedigrees. Being recognised for her favourite grey sables. In 1979 Madeleine became a full member of the Kennel Club, where she was recognised for her interest and untiring support in promoting and defending her breed the German Shepherd Dog. A writer of many years standing producing such books as "The Alsatian Owner's Encyclopedia", a book which found its way to many owner's bookshelves. Serving of the committee of the GSD League for many years, later to became Patron of it.

I knew Madeleine for many years and found her to be a very gentle lady, with much feeling for correct etiquette time to listen give kindly advise to beginners in our breed. Madeleine was to the end a good friend, a true champion, not only of the breed but of life.Her honesty and dedication could never have been doubted. A true lady and friend in every sense of the word.

Dorothy A. Cullum