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‘No mention of DDA’
in animal welfare bill

On March 7th last, the Kennel Club submitted its letter to DEFRA regarding the proposed Animal Welfare Bill and also took the opportunity at that stage to ask Government why the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act had been excluded from this review.

The Kennel Club is now encouraging canine organisations and owners to write to DEFRA prior to the end of the consultation period on the 30th April, to request that Government consider this defective piece of legislation when reviewing public comments with regard to the Animal Welfare Bill. The more individuals and organisations that DEFRA receive correspondence from, the more likely they are to respond favourably.

The Kennel Club’s suggested form of words to DEFRA could be: “I / we would ask why the Dangerous Dogs Act has been excluded from this review? It is an essentially flawed piece of legislation which has proved ineffective and requires a drastic overhaul in order to place emphasis on the actions of an individual dog and owner rather than on whole breeds of dog.

I / we feel that your consultation period offers an ideal opportunity to review this issue along with the other animal related Acts.”

Letters need to be received by Mr P Alder, Branch F, Animal Welfare Division, DEFRA, Room 606, 1A Page Street, London, SW1P 4PQ before the 30th April.

For further information please contact the Press Office at the Kennel Club on 0207 518 1008/1020 or alternatively