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Championship Show Update

Bournemouth correction

Exhibitors are asked to note a correction to the schedule owing to a printer’s error; Irish Setter dog judging commences at 10am, to be followed by bitches.

Change of judge

BOLSOVER AND District Canine Society open show on November 16 2002 has announced a change of judge. Working & Pastoral Group, AVNSC Working & Pastoral and AV Working & Pastoral will now be judged by Mrs C Serman and NOT Mrs F Kaye.

Melton Mowbray and DCS
Sunday June 2nd

Mr E Roberts (Varon) will be unable to judge Basset Fauve de Bretagne or AV Hound; Basset Fauve will now be judged by Mr Kevin Bingham AV Hound will now be judged by Mrs Shirley Rawlings

Elaine Thomas (Hon Sec)


May Wood-Dawson apologises to exhibitors who entered under her at United Spaniel Club Open Show on April 20th. Unfortunately she was forced to cancel her engagement due to an acute incapacitation.