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Miami Pit Bull culled
Breed Specific Legislation was enacted by Miami authorities last week

Following an attack on a girl in Dade County by a dog alleged to be an American Pit Bull Terrier, the local Mayor’s office issued an emergency edict ordering that all Pit Bulls and ‘Pit Bull mixes’ should be rounded up and seized from their owners as potentially dangerous dogs.

Animal Control officers, accompanied by police officers called at private homes to ‘collect’ all dogs deemed to be Pit Bulls or Pit Bull crosses.

According to local news reports, the majority of these dogs will be euthanised.

All ‘first time offenders’ are to be fined $500 for each dog they own and will be given 24 hours to either give up the dog or find another home for it. If the dog is still on their property in 24 hours, the authorities will take the dog.

Any owners who have been warned previously about owning the dogs, which have been ‘banned’ by county law will simply have their dogs seized on the spot.

The local Crime Stoppers service is exhorting residents to report neighbours whom they believe to own Pit Bulls to the police and Animal Control.

The DogHolocaust Internet List, which monitors BSL worldwide is investigating the matter.