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New trustee for the KC

The meeting of the General Committee on 16 April was Mike Stockman’s last, both as a Member of that Committee, and as a Trustee of the Kennel Club.

Mike Stockman has served both the Kennel Club and the veterinary profession in many capacities over a long and illustrious career. A former President of the British Veterinary Association, he is also a past Chairman of Crufts Committee, and has just stepped down as Chairman of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. Mike’s wife Valerie is also standing down from her membership of the KC/BSAVA Scientific Committee and the Breed Standards Stud Book Sub-Committee.

At the same meeting the General Committee confirmed the appointment of the Vice Chairman, Ronnie Irving, as a Trustee of the Kennel Club.

New trust chairman

At a meeting of the Trustees of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust held on Monday 15 April, Mike Townsend who has been a trustee of the Charity since 1998, was elected as Chairman of the trust on the retirement of Mike Stockman. Mr Townsend, who retired as Finance Director of Rolls-Royce plc in 1999, is mainly interested in Irish Setters, and his wife Gillian breeds and shows them under the Follidown affix.

Canine events discussed

LAST WEEK the Kennel Club hosted a Canine Events Conference to discuss various aspects of the world of pedigree dogs with members of different media, trade and disciplines.

We understand that there was a full and frank exhange of views and that it is expected a statement will be issued in due course.