United effort to bring a ‘ray’ of sunshine!

The climax of the outstanding Heelwork to Music display by Mary Ray at Crufts.
Themed on the music of Glenn Miller and the swing era, the precision two-dog display
with Quincey and Kizzy was broadcast live on the BBC TV programme

Last year’s Foot and Mouth epidemic did the dog fancy no favours at all. With many shows either cancelled or postponed, some clubs have had a dismal time and there have been fewer opportunities to stimulate new interest in the world of dogs.

Recognising that something needs to be done to present a more positive, enlightened, modern image of dogdom, several clubs have ‘united’ their efforts to organise an ‘upbeat’ event to attract both seasoned campaigners and pet owners alike.

Old Trafford, home of Manchester United Football Club, will witness a new style of fancy footwork on Wednesday May 22nd when the ‘Match of the Day’ will be ‘an evening with Mary Ray and her Dancing Dogs’.

The event starts at 8pm and there will be a licensed
bar. Organised in conjunction with Our Dogs. Mary Ray’s videos will be available on the night.

Mary is the UK’s foremost expert on Heelwork To Music, the most innovative, entertaining and dynamic new activity to emerge onto the scene for many years.

She has appeared on television and at many premier events, including Crufts, captivating audiences as she trips the light fantastic with her superbly trained canine partners in mesmerising routines.

Mary Ray ranks as one of the most talented dog trainers and has produced several hugely popular videos teaching Heelwork To Music to a burgeoning band of enthusiasts.

Commencing her career in dog training in 1978, Mary has achieved the highest honours in both obedience and agility, having won the Crufts Obedience Championship twice and the prestigious Pedigree Agility Stakes at Olympia.

For further details of the event and order tickets (£10 + postage/credit cards accepted) contact Elain McDonald on 0161-633 5050 during office hours or 0161-624 3171 evenings and weekends.


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