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Derbyshire GSD Championship Show 2002

8th June 2002

Derbyshire GSD Club held their championship show on the 8th June 2002 at the Sheffield United Cricket Club, Bawtry Road, Sheffield. The judges, Malcolm Robinson - dogs, and Geraldine French-Forsythe - bitches.

The committee would like to thank the judges and the exhibitors for supporting the club. There was a good atmosphere around the rings, with loud applause after each class.

Congratulations to all the winners, especially to Messrs Rambridge and Sygrove, having a very good day by winning Best of Breed with Tramella Tanni and Best Opposite Sex with Ch Max V Schuttingberwerg.


Judge Mr Malcolm Robinson

Minor Puppy Bitch(4): 1 - Pomfrey’s Fayrelander Nikomes (Ch Amondahl Nexus - Fayrelander Ionie) - 7 month old black and tan dog. Well pigmented young dog of nice type with a clean overline. Good head and expression with light mask, good reach of neck into a good wither, good back, good length and lay of croup, good front, steep upper arm, but of good length, good turn of stifle and good hocks, moves soundly both ways and has a good gait, a promising young puppy who was very lively and should mature well, shall watch his progress with interest. Best Puppy Dog.. 2 - Pucknells Nellinka Gift Of Gold (Ch Norwulf Going For Gold Of Slatehouse-Maleeze Golden Girl) - 7 month black and gold dog, excellent strong head, very masculine with good dark mask, good dentition, good front and good angle of shoulder, would prefer a high wither, good back into short croup, which requires better angle, good rear angles, sound away and back, witha good gait but needs to put more effort into gaiting. Nice young puppy.

Puppy Dog(1): 1 - Askham, Jotann Adonis (Bygoly El Devino - Milljohn Whos That Girl At Jotann) - 11 month black and gold dog, excellent strong masculine head, with the required dark eye. Good wither back and nicely moulded croup, good front although upper arm is slightly to steep, rear angles ok, slightly long in the hocks and needs to tighten in the elbows when coming towards you, good gait although would like a better attitude when gaiting to get the best out of him, a correct type and promising puppy.

Junior Dog(4): 1 - Brockwell’s Fouranfass Gatso At Kiplyn (Gayvilles Theo - Fouranfass Esprit) - 14 month black and gold dog, upper medium size with good strength, good head with a lovely expression, a good backline into a slightly short croup, has an excellent front assembly and very good hindquarters, a dog of correct proportions, good length to height ratio, would like more height at wither, very sound away and back. Has a good side gait, using every inch of the ground, his attitude on the move is first class with good ring presence. 2 - Unworth’s Dorjontal Louis (Bygoly El Devino - Fercrest Evita At Dorjontal) - 15 month black and gold dog, lovely type of dog upper medium size, but would like a bit more substance which may come as he matures. He has an excellent strong head, with good eye and expression, upper arm is slightly steep, but has good withers, excellent overline into a well moulded croup, very good hind angulation, a little wide away, sound back and an excellent picture in stance, which demands to be looked at. On the move he has a good strong gait and an excellent attitude when gaiting, a promising young dog, who should have a good future and should improve with age. 3 - Binden’s Jasueter Ivory Noriyuki (Ch Norwulf Secret Rhapsody At Jasueter - Ch Chrisanbars Aspects Of Love At Jasueter).

Special Yearling Dog (3): 1 & Res CC- Connoly / Young’s Conadrew Ringo (Conadrew Tosca - Top Notch Of Conadrew) - 20 month rich black and gold dog, lovely masculine head, with a great expression of alertness and dark eye, good reach of neck into high wither, good strong back and well set croup with good length, good rear angles and excellent hocks, slightly steep upper arm, an excellent outline in stance very sound both away and back and very firm all through out, an excellent side gait once settled, does tend to be a little erratic at times due to his age, but when he gets it together his true picture does come out. Moved extremely well in the challenge with some outstanding dogs and deserved the reserve CC. Will be hard to beat when matures. 2 - Baron/Wall/Rambridge’s Tramella Urne At Norwulf (Ch Max V Schuttingferweg - Sagenhaff Cascade From Tramella) - 20 month old black and red gold dog, with a masculine head, would prefer a darker eye. Medium size with good strength, good front assembly and good rear hindquarters, good firm topline, croup slightly steep but with a good tail set, which gives an excellent outline in stance, correct proportions, sound both away and back, would like a bit more attitude when gaiting to complete the picture an excellent promising young dog. 3 - Marsden/Gratton’s Blacktors Upul (Lindanvale Rocco - Blacktors Platinum.

Novice Dog(2): 1 - Marsden/Gratton’s Blacktors Upul - 22 month black and gols dog, strong masculine head with a good expression, upper medium size with good strength, good front assembly with good angle of upper arm and well laid shoulder, good back into a well set croupan, excellent type but requires better rear angles and length in both in first and second thigh, sound both away and back good gait but lacks drive from behind. 2 - Bindens Jasueter Ivory Noriyuli - 14 month black and gold dog, excellent strong head with good expression, upper medium size of good strength, good front assembly with good angles, would prefer a higher wither, has a long back into a short croup with tailset slightly high good rear angles and a steady gait, sound both away and back.

Post Graduate Dog(10): 1 - Hughes/De Sousa’s Lindfellas Good As Gold (Ch Norwulf Going For Gold At Slatehouse - Lindellas Kookie) - 20 month black and rich gold dog, excellent strong head with a very masculine expression, correct medium size and good strength, good withers, excellent front assembly with correct angles, complemented with excellent hindquarters, good feet. has an excellent middle piece with good ribbing, strong back, croup slightly short and could be better angled, movement is excellent and very sound both away and back the gait is free with far reaching at all speeds was very close to getting the res CC. Today he is one of the best young dogs about and will gain his title when he comes of age. 2 - Shepherd’s Blitzenheim Caffrey (Shotaans Otis - Goldryn Astra) - 4 year old black and gold dog of upper medium size and strength, an excellent strong head and good expression, good neck into good withers, good backline and a good croup although slightly short, good hindquarters but would like a better front assembly, slightly steep upper arm, sound in movement away and back. Has excellent free gait and moves well, elbows slightly loose and needs to settle to get the best out of him, an excellent quality dog. 3 - Barron/Wall/Rambridge’s Tramella Urne At Norwulf.

Limit Dog: 1 - Sykes’ Rafaye Izzak Of Brytwyn (Igel V Wollenhaupt - Hella Von Der Roten Matter) - 4 year old black and red gold dog, top size with good strength, excellent strong head with good expression, takes your eye straight away and looks the part, excellent high withers into a strong back and an excellent croup. Strong hindquarters and good front assembly, upper arm slightly steep but of good length, sound both ways and an excellent strong flowing gait which he used to his advantage very firm all over with good strength throughout an excellent dog. 2 - Shackleton’s Cedarmarks ISO (Rafaye Guido - Cedarmarks Hannahbella) - 31/2 year old black and gold dog, top size dog which I would like more substance all over, alert and masculine head, impressive in stance, good neck and withers, good back and croup is to steep, has a slightly forward place shoulder and a steep upper arm assembly, good rear angles which gives him an excellent drive from behind, sound away and back and has a good strong gait, an impressive dog while on the move. 3 - Garrbutt’s Nixtev Byzanche (Brytwyns Ross From Chrisno - Velindre Immogen At Nixtev).

Open Dog(14): 1 & CC - Rambridge’s Ch Max Von Schuttingberweg (Sammo V Fiemerech - Branka V Schuttingberweg) - 5 year old dog, upper medium size with good strength, with a striking black and rich gold colour, very masculine head with good expression and dark eye, good neck into a high wither, good strong back into a well moulded croup. An excellent picture in stance with a beautiful outline. Excellent hindquarter angulation, very good shoulder assembly with excellent overall proportions, very sound away and back. He has beautiful movement on the gait, which never differs at all speeds, a joy to watch and he didn’t dissapoint me today. His condition could have been better but still couldn’t deny him the CC. A privilege to go over such an excellent dog, and a worthy champion, one of the best imports to come to our shores. 2 - Forth/Lyons’ Conadrew Tosca (Lindanvale Nevada - Calagran Xita Of Jeffrolls) - 4 year old black and rich gold dog, correct medium size dog and strength with an alert expression, a very good masculine head, excellent wither height with a firm back line and a well moulded croup, very sound away and back, has excellent hindquarters. Good front assembly and a well laid upper arm of good length, powerful gaiting as he drives from the rear to cover the ground. Gets himself together better when settled, and then his general appearance is excellent, would like him to slow down while gaiting to get a much better picture, an excellent dog who will get his third ticket in the near future. 3 - Collins’ Karlbeshan Sirus (Lasso Vom Neuenberg - Wespe Vom Wildstiegerland).


Judge Mrs G French-Forsythe

Minor Puppy Bitch(4): 1 - Hughes Lindella’s You’ll Forget Me Not - A nice 7mnth old nice back line, good croup moved sound coming & going with a nice side gait. 2 - Brockwell’s Kiplyn Canesta. 3 - Paton/Wildman’s Vanquinn Abbietatious.

Puppy Bitch(7): 1 - Munkley’s Conadraw Ionie - 10mths old, a very nice young bitch, good back line, nice croup. Good Angulation. Sound mover, with a very nice side gait that covered the ground. My Co-Judge also agreed with this and made her Best Puppy In Show. 2 - Mothersdale’s Amivike Trade Star. 3 - Benson’s Jasueter Jade Kerria.

Junior Bitch(2): 1 - James Jasueter Ivory Fluer at Phenaid - Black & Gold 13mnth old bitch, nice size, good front, loses her shape when moving around the ring.

Special Yearling Bitch(4): 1 - Guy’s Agacamp Emma At Marinita - This bitch played around she first came into the ring, but when settled she moved sound coming & going. She had a good shape but was out of coat.Novice 1st - Corkin Sweynbeau Wytch at Fouranfass.

Graduate Bitch(2) 1 - Cullen’s Veneze Jewel In His Crown - 3yr old nice head & expression, nice angulation, sound coming & going. Just didn’t move as good as my RCC winner when challenging. 2nd - Kinsey’s Maleeze Clear Stream At Belvitroy.

Post Graduate Bitch(6) 1 - Cullen’s Reneric Voyagers Star of Veneze - 2yr old Black & Gold good back line with a nice mounded croup. Sound coming & going with a good side gait. 2 - McLain Winterdawn Misty Gold. 3 - Partington Reneric Shining Star Over Malons

Limit Bitch(8) 1 - Rambridge/Sygrove’s Tramella Tanni - 2yr old bitch. This bitch caught my eye when she came into the ring and I wasn’t dissapointed when I went over her. Nice height to length, good back line, nice angulations without being overdone, sound mover. CC & Co-Judge made her Best In Show. 2 - Gray’s Lindella’s Love Me Do At Slatehouse - Another nice bitch, just a little out of coat but I made her my RCC winner. 3 - Carpenter’s Forgedoak Calendar Girl.

Open (4) 1 - Cullen’s Veneze Heavenley Hebe - A nice 3yr old, nice head, good front, sound coming & going. Just felt she let herself down on moving when it came to the CC. 2 - Mothersdale Amivike Rustic Illusion.