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Guernsey Dog Club Centenary Open Show - Report

UK exhibitors impressed

June 15th, 16th 2002 saw the culmination of many years efforts from the hard working Centenary Committee. Set in the idyllic surroundings of Saumarez Park, Castel, the weather was more kind to exhibitors, spectators and dogs alike. After a few doubtful days beforehand the Saturday morning looked promising. Rain during the night had not damaged all the beautiful floral pots and plants. They were still standing, waving their heads in welcome.

It was the first experience of a two-day Show the Club had had since before the Second World War. It was open to UK exhibitors for the first time. Normally all Open Shows in Guernsey are for Channel Islands Residents only. All Group winners and the Best Puppy in Show qualified for Crufts 2003.

The show had been postponed from 2002 due to the Foot and Mouth epidemic in the UK, but as the Chairman of the Centenary Committee, Mrs Chris Bligh, explains, “The first Dog Show to be held in the Island was actually 4th, 5th March 1902, so in fact this year could be called the Centenary of the first Dog Show.”

At the given time the judges arrived on Saturday in a Rover P4 kindly supplied by a Club Member. On Sunday they arrived in a horse drawn carriage. All journeys were greatly enjoyed. Exhibitors arrived early on both mornings and set up “camp”. The wet weather Marquees were not required except for grooming areas or sheltering from the sun. The Park looked lovely with the Marquees, Umbrellas and exhibitors Gazebo’s scattered around. There was quite a family atmosphere.

Throughout the two days a Tombola Stall did a roaring trade with “punters” trying their luck. There were Raffles, and the Club displayed items of historic interest in a marquee, many of which dated back to the foundation of the Club in 1901. On sale were also Commemorative Stamps, issued by The Guernsey Philatelic Bureau in 2001 to coincide with the Centenary.

These are still available through the club should anyone be interested. A limited edition of Commemorative Mugs are also available. Unfortunately Commemorative Plates were not ready in time due to a production problem. It is hoped they may be available in the near future.

The many beautiful specials which had been presented by sponsors were on display, almost all being Glassware.

The following specials were sponsored by Pedigree, The Best Centenary Special – Dog, The Best Centenary Special – Bitch, these classes were open to Guernsey exhibitors only. The winners from each Group challenged for the final places. Best Veteran, Reserve Best Veteran, Best Puppy in show, Reserve Best Puppy in Show, Best in Show, and Reserve Best in show were all sponsored by Pedigree with Glassware together with the Rosettes for all of the above winners.

Cash prizes were also awarded from the following sponsors-:

£100.00 Reserve Best Puppy in Show, Mr. Mrs Nobby Norman,
£200.00 Best Puppy in Show, St Martin’s Garden Centre,
£100.00 Reserve Best Show, Birch Insurance Brokers Ltd,
£200.00 Best in Show together with £300.00 Travel Voucher from Condor Ltd.

Every Best of Breed went home with Glassware prizes and Rosettes were awarded to 5th Place. As you can see this was a very special show for all concerned and the Club is most grateful to all who sponsored the classes. It was indeed a very impressive display of Specials. Showing began, after having waited for English exhibitors to arrive from the boat each morning. Where-else but in Guernsey would this happen! Hounds, Working and Toys were judged on Saturday, with Terriers, Gundogs and Utility being judged on Sunday. Before long the first winner were found.

Judges Mrs Joyce Mann, Mrs Brenda Banbury and Mr Jim Parsons spent two days finding their winners from the Six Groups.

Group Winners were a follows and all qualified for Crufts 2003:-

Mr Jim Parsons, Judge. Hounds.
Mr Mrs S & P Mottershaw’s Whippet, IR.CH. Barnesmore Sister Moon.
Mrs Brenda Banbury, Judge. Working.
Mrs L Edward’s Newfoundland, Merrybear Thumper
Mrs Joyce Mann, Judge. Toys.
Mrs E Dale & Mrs P Michel’s Pekingese, Ksarina Designers Dream

Stakes Classes on Saturday were judged by Mr Jim Parsons.

Nr Jim Parsons, judge, Terriers.
Miss D Abbott’s Cesky Terrier, Malsville Lincoln Ridley
Mr Jim Parsons, Judge, Gundogs
Mr Mrs D & C Turner’s Pointer, Clamerkin Come Closer to Chakona
Mrs Brenda Banbury, Utility.
Mr B Cummins’ Standard Poodle, Fralex Cummins ‘N Foings at Dailyngar

Stakes Classes on Sunday were judged by Mrs Joyce Mann

It is interesting to note that all Group Winners were Channel Island Dogs.

Mrs Brenda Banbury judged Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show.
She placed the following dogs:-

Group 1 Mr Mrs S & P Mottershaw’s Whippet, IR.CH. Barnesmore Sister Moon
Group 2 Mrs E Dale & Mrs P Michel’s Pekingese, Ksarina Designers Dream
Group 3 Mrs L Edward’s Newfoundland, Merrybear Thumper
Group 4 Mr B Cummins’ Standard Poodle, Fralex Cummins ‘N Goings at Dailyngar

At Guernsey Shows we always go to Sixth place for Best in the Show so the following two placed as follows:-

5th BIS Miss D Abbott’s Cesky Terrier, Malsville Lincoln
6th BIS Mr Mrs d & C Turner’s Pointer, Clamerkin come Closer to Chakona

Best Puppy in Show was a follows:-
Mrs J Collas’ Whippet, Nevedith Veefa Verve – Qualified for Crufts 2003

Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Mrs P Maule’s Shih Tzu, Marpalyn Dutch Gold

Over the two days Handling Classes were held for both Children and Adults alike. The first three children from both age groups all qualified for the National Semi-Finals 2003. The winners from the first day returned to challenge those from the second day.

Mrs Dawn Sandrey was the Judge for all classes and her overall winners were as follows:-

6-11 years
12-16 years
17-39 years
40 years plus

Various aspects of the dog were to be seen at the show during the two days. Not only with The Heel Work to Music but also with The Island Dog Training Club, affiliated to the Guernsey Dog Club, held an Obedience show on Saturday and an Agility Show on Sunday.

They also had a fly Ball Competition. The Guernsey Police Dog Section gave a demonstration of Police work with the dogs. All this went to show what fun we can all have with our dogs.

Denelda Guy and Diane Roach, both from Jersey, together with their border Collies, Biba and ZeeZee gave the demonstrations of Heel Work to Music – Freestyle. One routine was done to Scottish music and the other, just before Best Show, was done to Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White. It was the first time this has been seen in Guernsey. It had to be said that the demonstrations were received with great applause and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

After each days showing the evenings followed with a Social Evening and disco on Saturday with ninety four attending. Sunday evening say the Gala Dinner at St Pierre Park Hotel with 100 present. One of The Patrons of the Club, Sir de Vic Carey, The Bailiff of Guernsey together with his wife, Lady Carey also attended as Guests.

Mr Peter James, recently retired Chairman of The Kennel Club, and his wife Mrs Julie James, spent the weekend at the show. They also attended the Social Evening and the Gala Dinner.

Mr James was most impressed with the whole event and congratulated all those who were involved with the running of the show. Patrons of the Club visited on Sunday. His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, Lieutenant General Sir John Foley, KCB, OBE, MC, together with his wife Lady Foley arrived in the morning and spent time talking to exhibitors, and spectators. After lunch with The President Mrs Paddy Wood, he spent a little more time amongst all before leaving. The Bailiff, Sir de Vic Carey and his wife Lady Carey arrived during the afternoon and were again able to talk to exhibitors and spectators alike.

The UK exhibitors thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Guernsey, some of them making it a holiday as well. From the comments received and the many messages of congratulations it would seem that they wish to come back to another Show.

The Centenary Committee can now look back with pride on a Show well organised and well supported. They can now relax in the knowledge that their hard work was thus rewarded with happy people and hopefully happy dogs!