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Home Office statistics show
small decrease in experiments

LAST WEEK the Home Office published statistics for UK animal experiments in 2001. Overall there was a meagre 2.8% drop in the number of animals killed in British labs, which merely compensates for the 2% rise in animal numbers the year before.

There are also some highly disturbing increases:

· 17% increase in the number of dogs killed in experiments
· 18% increase in the number of Old World monkeys
· 8% increase in total number of monkeys
· 8% increase in procedures using genetically modified animals

(a 1207% increase since 1990)

· 27% increase in acute lethal toxicity experiments

Wendy Higgins, Campaigns Director for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV).
“The public is not going to be fooled by a tiny percentage decrease. We still have nearly three million animals undergoing painful and lethal experiments in the UK and some massive increases in the use of animals such as dogs, monkeys and genetically modified animals. The government seems completely unwilling to drag itself out its current policy vacuum on vivisection, meanwhile the public is losing faith and patience with its ability to embrace the type of reform that we all expected of a Labour government.

Overall the statistics are a disgrace and the government should be ashamed of what they represent - a government that cares more about pandering to the whim of the vivisection industry than the welfare of the millions of animals it kills in UK laboratory year in year out.”

The full statistics can be read at