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The Cocker Spaniel Club
Centenary Championship Show

It was an honour to judge again at this special show, it was a great event made possible by hours of hard work by all concerned – thank you.

SD: (6) 1 Webster’s Sc Ch Asquanne’s Gonzales, a lovely dog, typical of well balanced Black Cockers , soundly made all through with good toplines, good merry temperament all in super condition. 2 Whitehead’s Sh Ch Ryallcourt Pie in the Sky. Sound well made blue roan, very good head, well bodied with good topline, lovely condtion. 3 Young’s Sh Canyon Classic Gold.

Brood B: (4) 1 West’s Sheigra Sunrise. An even lot of golden/reds, good well bodied, good topline, soundly made all through. 2 Halkett’s Wiljana Moonlight, very well made blue roans , good coats and condition. 3 Sawko Avandora the Charmer.

Progeny: (3) 1 Platt’s Sh Ch Charbonnel Warlord, pleasing heads, scored in bone and feet, super coats and condition. 2 West’s Sheigra Starshine, well balanced, very good bodies, good toplines. 3 Wyatt’s Sh Ch Kendalwood Campaigner.

Brace: (15) 1 Howell. Very well matched blue roan looked well. 2 Shapland, very well matched, good condition. 3 Millers.

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