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The ‘Ladies’ plan for their centenary

THE LKA committee has re-elected the following officers: Chairman, Mrs Ferelith Somerfield; Vice-Chairman, Mrs Ann L Wynyard and Secretary Miss Sybil Churchill.

Mrs P M Grayson has retired from the committee after many years’ service. The postal ballot, with a 58% return of voting papers, resulted in all the members standing for re-election being returned. In addition Mrs L F Jupp was also elected to the committee.

At the AGM the Chairman reported a loss on the 2001 show - the committee having taken a deliberate decision NOT to increase any fees or charges, in spite of increased costs, as a concession to the disruption of the show scene caused by the Foot and Mouth outbreak. However, for the 2002 show, some increases were inevitable.

The AGM re-elected Mrs N B Down as President and Mrs P Davis and Miss J M Gill as Vice-Presidents and Mrs P M Grayson was also elected as Vice-President. Owing to the death of Mrs L Collins, the office of Honorary Treasurer was filled by the election of Mrs B B Roderick.
The committee is now planning for 2004 - the year in which the Association will celebrate its centenary - its charter of incorporation by the (then) Board of Trade having been granted in March 1904 - the previous foundation having foundered in its early years.

It is hoped to produce some form of pictorial record to mark the centenary and the committee would be most grateful if anyone can lend material appertaining to the past history of the Association. Photographic material which can be copied would be especially welcome. Any items loaned will be carefully safeguarded and, of course, returned. The Chairman Mrs Somerfield, or the Secretary Miss Churchill will be pleased to accept offers.