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Retired Greyhound Trust gains
support of leading country singers

Premier country music singers have clubbed together to produce a limited edition CD in aid of the Retired Greyhound Trust.

Featuring leading artists Paddy O'Brien, Lance O'Brien and Speed Limit, and local artists Burnwater, New West and Brytom, the CD 'Going to the Dogs' has twelve classic tracks including 'Never Grow Old' and 'Cowgirl Twist'.

The Retired Greyhound Trust is a national charity dedicated to finding a home for greyhounds once their racing careers have ended. The production of the CD coincides with the Trust's campaign Grace 2002 launched earlier this year to raise awareness about the Trust and encourage more people to consider owning a greyhound.


Contrary to popular misconceptions greyhounds make wonderful pets being ideal for both individuals and families of all ages. As racing careers are short - with the majority of greyhounds retiring at the age of three or four - greyhounds can live for up to ten years in retirement. They are easy to look after being gentle and adaptable and like other varieties of dog they will be happy with two 20-minute walks a day.

Pat Murphy - a Stowmarket landlord who produced the CD - commented: "I love everything about greyhounds and wanted to be able to do something to help them long-term. When I discussed the idea of creating a CD in aid of the Retired Greyhound Trust with Paddy O'Brien he was enthusiastic so we went ahead. I hope that through the CD we will be able to raise substantial funds to help finance the welfare and upkeep costs of ex-racing greyhounds in kennels run by the Trust's co-ordinators."

Those wishing to find out more about the Retired Greyhound Trust should call 0870-444 0673 and those who would like a copy of 'Going to the Dogs' should contact Pat Murphy on 01449 613 980 or e-mail

The cost of the CD is £6 and - after production costs - all of the proceeds will go directly to the Retired Greyhound Trust.