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Star’s son arrested in hunt protest at PM’s house

The nineteen year-old son of Bryan Ferry, the singer, was arrested by armed police officers after approaching Tony Blair's constituency home in the middle of the night with pro-hunting posters.

Otis Ferry, an amateur whip with the Middleton Hunt in Yorkshire and a passionate supporter of hunting, was intending to place Countryside Alliance posters on the walls of the building at Sedgefield, Co Durham. He was challenged by two officers after passing through the security gates at 4am and arrested when he refused to give his personal details.

After being released without charge, Mr Ferry said: "I had seen on the news that pro-hunting protesters had been targeting MPs' homes and thought you couldn't get better than Tony Blair's home.

"I found out where he lived and drove there, not expecting to be arrested. There were no keep out signs and the gates opened when I walked up to them. "When I heard the CCTV cameras rotating towards me I thought I had better go but when I turned round there were two armed policemen there. One of them was carrying a machine gun.

"I am annoyed with myself for getting caught. It was stupid."

He was taken to a police station for questioning but released without charge. However, he was re-arrested after Humberside police contacted the Durham force saying they wanted to question him in connection with an incident of alleged criminal damage. He has since been released on police bail.

Mr Ferry, educated at Marlborough College, joined the Middleton Hunt after leaving school two years ago. He is passionate about field sports and his father, the lead singer of Roxy Music, is understood to have pledged his support for the Countryside Alliance.

His son said: "I felt I was not doing enough to try to save hunting. There are so few ways of making your feelings felt other than going on marches. I am passionate about it. Why else would I be pratting around outside the Prime Minister's constituency home at that time of the morning? I haven't done anything wrong and I am certainly not going to be dissuaded by what happened."

A spokesman for Durham police said Mr Ferry had approached the Prime Minister's constituency home at 4am on Wednesday last week. "A hooded man was spotted walking towards the front gates. He was challenged by two police officers and when he refused to give his personal details he was arrested," he said."He was taken to Newton Aycliffe police station for questioning but after further inquiries, investigating officers decided no offence had been committed."

Humberside police questioned Mr Ferry that evening and released him on police bail pending further inquiries. A spokesman said: "He was wanted for questioning about an incident of criminal damage in the East Riding area of Yorkshire in May this year." Mr Ferry, who lives near Birdsall, North Yorks, refused to elaborate on the incident, except to say it was "not serious".