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Dognappers seize Staffie in broad daylight

A GANG of dognappers who attacked a teenager and stole his pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier are being hunted by police. The sixteen-year-old from Doncaster, South Yorkshire is wondering if he will see his dog again.

His family believe the thieves took it to sell to be trained as a fighting dog. The boy, who is too frightened to be identified, was walking along Balby Road, near Westfield Park, Doncaster, with the dog when a car pulled up alongside him and four Afro-Caribbean men jumped out.

His elder sister said: “They just beat him up because they wanted the dog. They knocked him over and threw the dog into the back of their car.

“It's not a vicious dog and it didn't fight back.”

Two men in a van stopped to intervene and other passers by tried to detain the men but they sped off in a red Ford Fiesta

“Some people did their best and I would like to thank them for taking the trouble to stop and help my brother,” she said.

“It was a vicious attack on him and he was totally shocked when he got home.

“At first he was too upset to report it to the police but his dad persuaded him they should be caught and brought to justice.”

The teenager had given the dog a home some months previously after getting it former rescue centre.

His sister added that the family were aware that sometimes similar dogs could be used for dog fighting, but stressed that this was not why her brother had the dog.

“It’s very upsetting to know that people like this are roaming the streets looking for dogs to steal," she added. “It might have been me walking the dog and I dread to think what else might have happened.”

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police confirmed that the matter was being investigated and that officers were following up information provided by witnesses.