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Lakeland Terrier Club
Judge’s critique – Wendy Bower (Lakeridge)

The Lakeland Terrier Club were celebrated its 70th birthday in July. There was a wonderful friendly atmosphere which made for a very happy show. I thoroughly enjoyed this appointment.

The overall quality was good with some promising youngsters. There were, however, a few faults which I feel need attention. Teeth should be even with the upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth. In a few exhibits this requirement was not fully met. The bites were almost level and therefore, in my view, borderline. Heads were not always well balanced and refined. Some were coarse giving an almost foreign expression.

In assessing movement, particularly rear movement, it is always a good idea to ask someone to move your animal for you so that you can make an honest assessment yourself. You should be looking for a good driving action from strong hindquarters. In a youngster, if they are made right, this normally comes with development and I can forgive lack of strength. In one or two cases, however, rear movement was very poor and it was evident, because of the construction of the animal, that it would never improve.

MPD (4) 1. Atkinson & Pearts Wyndam Jokers Wild - elegant youngster with a pleasing outline. Good rear angulation, looks a little long at present but I am sure this will change as he develops. Nice head, ears need to settle, moved and showed well. Promising. 2. Murrays Sabata Basil - compact and of good size. In good coat. Moved and showed well. 3. Halls Gosel Three Eagles.

PD (3) 1.Hooper's Oregill Buccaneer. Reachy neck, well laid shoulders, tail well set on, good front. In good coat and well presented. Hope he makes a little more size. A promising puppy who moved and showed very well. Best puppy dog. 2. S. Basil

JD (1) 1. Pearts Kilvermin Chieftan - well balanced grizzle of nice size, pleasing head and expression, hard jacket, good angulation, moved with drive and showed well.

ND (1) 1. Wrights Hilane Morris Cooper - good head and front, tail set could be better. Showed steadily. Well handled.

PGD (2) 1. Halls Gosel Man 'O' War - good head and front, harsh jacket, topline could be better. A little unsteady in his showing.

LD (3) 1. Geoghegan's Spinkeen Little Rock - presents a balanced picture, reachy neck, compact body, keen expression, excellent presentation, moved, showed and handled very well.

RCC. 2. Rabin's Kamajan Mista Cube - grizzle shown in excellent order, longer cast than 1. but of nice size. Handled well. 3. Smith's Eskwyre in the Red.

OD (3) 1. Atkinson's Ch. Wyndam Aces High - very smart B/T of good size and proportions. Shown in excellent condition. Reachy neck, well laid shoulders, level topline which he retains on the move, powerful hindquarters used to advantage, pleasing head and ears. To be hypercritical, I have seen him show better, however, he certainly did enough to win the CC and BIS. 2. Greenways Rayfos Gosel Fire Shadow - a very showy grizzle presented in excellent order. Good head and front, strong hindquarters, good set on. Showed very well. Preferred the size of 1. 3. McCallums Glentops Bugsy Malone. Sp Beg. (5) 1. Oregill Buccaneer. 2. Masons Rafingham Fields of Gold - smart grizzle bitch up to size excels in head and expression. Harsh jacket - shown in excellent order, moves well, would like to see her more positive in her showing. 3. Sabata Basil Breeders (1) 1. Burdons Rimsand Returning Glory - excellent jacket, feminine head, good bone. slightly long cast. Showed and handled very well.

MPB (3) 1. Hills Hilane Mystique - presented in good order, feminine head, harsh coat, showed steadily.

PB (7) 1. Connells and McCourt's Sonorra Enchantress at Silhill - feminine puppy, pleasing head and expression, good front, tail well set on. Presents a very balanced picture, excellent presentation, showed well. She should have a good future. RCC and BPIS. 2. Webbs Majeika Touch of Class - very striking red grizzle, good head, reachy neck, compact body, excellent set on. Promising but she does need to settle. 3. Bootons Auchenhove Inferno at Boowire.

JB (2) 1. Atkinsons Wyndam Lullaby - another promising youngster. Feminine head and well placed ears, good neck, shoulders and topline, shown in good condition.

NB (1) 1. Punter and Vicker's Sonorra Charisma is Eskwyre - litter sister to RCC winner and has much the same attributes. Not as mature as her sister and slightly longer cast, she has a hard jacket and presented in good order. Needs to settle.

PGB (5) 1. Bales Selab Dainty Dinah - presented in first class order. Lovely outline, nice head, good bone, would just prefer her a shade smaller. Well handled. 2. McCallum's Glentops Buttons 'N' Bows - I like this bitch, sweet feminine head, compact and of nice size. Would benefit from tighter trimming. Two nice bitches. 3. Rafingham Fields of Gold.

LB (5) 1.Halls Gosel Fire Dance - pleasing head, good outline, well handled up to size. 2. Burdon's Saredan Iron lady of Rimsand - very good coat texture, balanced but again a little on the big side, set on could be better. Very well handled. 3. Anderson's Ravelsaye Right Choice for Corrievackie.

OB (5) 1. Greenways Rayfos Chippewa Maid - smart red grizzle of nice size. Shown in excellent coat, well balanced feminine head, straight front, strong body and level topline. Moved and showed well. I liked her femininity. CC and RBIS. 2. Greenways Amarinta By the By at Rayfos - beautifully presented and showing a striking outline. Nice head, reachy neck, good topline and set on. Showed well. Just preferred the type of 1. 3. Johnston's Oregill Elspeth. Herbert Atkinson Memorial Stakes (10) 1 Selab Dainty Dinah. 2 Glentops Bugsy Malone 3 Rafingham Fields of Gold.

Wendy A Bower